Zhengzhou home decoration company: living room decoration Feng Shui

The living room is the facade of a house, so the orientation of the living room is also very particular. Each direction represents a kind of “transportation”. Zhengzhou Home Furnishing Company introduces you to the eight directions that the living room decoration must know.
One: Zhengbei: Career transport, black and blue are the layout of the living room in the north. The north represents the cause of business, and it belongs to the water line. The color of the use is blue or black. The placement of water-containing items in this orientation helps the occupants' careers, such as fish tanks, landscape paintings, and waterwheels. Or you can put a black metal jewelry, because gold can produce water.
Two: Zhengnan: Sound name, red is arranged in the south, Feng Shui will bring fame and affirmation to the family, especially the parents responsible for livelihood. The south is a fire, and the color is red. Suitable for hanging pictures of phoenix, flamingo or sunrise. Red carpets or red wooden decorations (because wood can make fire) are also suitable. Adding lights in this position can increase the reputation. If you must put a mirror in this position, be sure to put a small mirror, because the mirror is water, and the water will extinguish the fire, which is not good for the reputation.
Three: Zhengdong: Health, green and oriental are related to the health of the occupants. Place lush vegetation in this area to promote the health and longevity of your family. Water-related items or landscape paintings are also helpful because water can raise trees.
Four: Zhengxi: Zisun Yun, silver is the Western descendant of the fortune, the five elements are gold, and the color is white, gold and silver. Metal carvings, six-column hollow metal wind chimes, TV and stereo are all suitable for this area. Since the soil can produce gold, the white vase or natural crystal also has the effect of catalyzing the child.
V: Northwest: The nobles are transported, and the energy of the white-enhanced living room in the northwest direction helps to increase the number of people and relationships. This area is gold, so it is suitable for white, gold or silver metal ornaments, such as metal carvings or table lamps with metal bases and white round shades. You can also attract valuables by stringing six ancient coins with red string or hanging six-column hollow metal wind chimes.
Six: Northeast: Wen Changyun, yellow If there are children who are going to take the test, it is best to pay attention to the feng shui layout of this orientation. This area is earthy, and the colors used are yellow and earthy. Earthy items such as ceramic vases are suitable for enhancing the energy of this area. Natural crystal is also very effective.
Seven: Southwest: Peach Blossom, yellow If you want to promote marriage or love fortune, then the orientation of the living room is the most important. The southwestern azimuth belongs to the soil, and the catalytic method is the same as that of the northeast. Place a chandelier-type table lamp here to increase energy and promote harmony between husband and wife; natural crystals and family portraits have the same effect.
Eight: Southeast: Fortune, the southeast side of the green living room represents the family's financial position. The five elements belong to the wood, and the color of the use is green. Therefore, the items that are wood in this direction can have a lucky effect, and the green plants with round leaves have the best effect. Never put dry flowers because the yin is too heavy. It is also very suitable for fish tanks, because water can raise wood, and there are eight goldfish and black fish in the tank. It should be noted that the size of the fish tank should be matched with the living room space. It is not suitable for too large or too small.

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