Xiaobian tells you how to wear glasses

Many girls nowadays like to wear glasses when they go out, most of them are not used to correct vision but as a fashion item. So how do MM wear glasses to make the best look? Let's take a look at the natural style, white-collar style and shadow-style eye makeup makeup techniques that Xiaobian brings to you!

Xiaobian tells you how to wear glasses

Natural makeup

Excessive makeup may make you feel burdened when wearing glasses. The degree of the lens will make the eyes look smaller than normal. For college students or white-collar workers who don't like heavy makeup, the natural makeup style can bring a sense of dignity and dignity.

When creating a natural look, the most important thing to pay attention to is the performance of the skin. When the skin is white and beautiful, even using the same glasses will make you look more beautiful. What needs to be noticed here is the skin around the nose, and other parts can be applied thinly to prevent the surface directly contacting the glasses from collapsing.

The eye makeup section can use a faint ivory eye shadow, and the eyeliner should be maximized for natural characterization. The eyelashes remain in a good state and the effect is better when the eyelash contours are highlighted. While lightly drawing the eyeliner, it is important to gently provoke the eyebrows with mascara.

Xiaobian tells you how to wear glasses

Sophisticated white-collar style

When the white-collar style is not well matched with the glasses, it will be old or give a hard impression. This kind of problem can be solved by a sexy and capable white-collar makeup.

Unlike natural makeup, you can use cat eye makeup to perform, which can highlight the arrogant and capable image. At this point, the eyeliner can be gently picked up at the end of the eye. Performance can be performed more easily when using liquid eyeliner.

Lip makeup can be emphasized with a red lipstick. It works better when you use a lip brush to highlight the lip line. The frames that match the white-collar style are alloy frames or frames with appropriate line thickness.

Xiaobian tells you how to wear glasses

Shadow makeup

In the fall like this, shade makeup is the most appropriate. When using glasses, the glasses will have a shadow, so it will create a natural shadow effect. A shadow makeup with a subtle sensation is recommended here to create a better atmosphere.

When it comes to shading, you should be more worried about eye shadow and mascara than eyeliner. The eye shadow of the brown series without the flash can be thinly applied to the eyelids, and the eyebrows are naturally characterized using a mascara type eyebrow pencil. In order to create a shadow on the face, a coloring process can be performed under the facial contour and the tibia. >>>glamour glasses makeup makeup tips

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