Wood preservative can be used to create private gardens

As people's living standards continue to increase, having a house with a balcony, terrace or even a garden is no longer a dream. In the hot summer, it is the season of natural growth. It is possible to build a private garden that belongs to you in your own courtyard, terrace and balcony. According to industry insiders, the idyllic anti-corrosion wood products and other accessories such as distressed wrought iron products and natural quaint cultural stone are the most effective tools for outdoor garden decoration.

Wood is the most natural decoration material, but ordinary wood is not suitable for outdoor use. It is best to choose specially treated wood preservatives for gardens, terraces and balconies. The relevant person in charge of the Bohai Building Materials Center introduced that the anti-corrosion wood can be anti-corrosive, insect-proof and waterproof, and gives people a sense of simplicity, freshness, nature and warmth. At present, there are many varieties of anti-corrosion wood in the market, which are imported from the United States, Canada and Europe, and also domestically produced. Imported American red cedar is a natural anti-corrosive material, but the price is very expensive, other such as the American Southern Pine and Finnish wood are also expensive. The domestic anti-corrosion wood is mainly scorpion pine wood. In recent years, the quality has been greatly improved and the price is moderate.

Anti-corrosion wood structure: In the Bohai Sea market, the reporter saw that many landscape design companies can provide owners with a full set of garden, terrace and balcony design schemes: the ground can be laid with anti-corrosion wood, and a grape rack made of anti-corrosion wood can be built in the air. Around, an anti-corrosion wooden fence is set up. The courtyard is equipped with small furniture such as swings, leisure tables and chairs made of anti-corrosion wood. The flower stand made of anti-corrosion wood is filled with all kinds of flowers and plants, and a family "green lung" is born. .

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