Wine bottle packaging technology innovation elements

Wine bottles should be said to be a traditional packaging container in the eyes of many people. It is more often associated with traditional culture, and very few people think that it is associated with technological innovation. This concept is even considered by many people in the bottle industry. However, it should be changed as soon as possible. With the penetration of the Internet and even the Internet of Things, the technological innovation elements and needs of wine bottle packaging have become stronger and stronger, and we need manufacturers to make more improvements to meet this demand of the market.

First of all, bottle cap packaging is a very strong part of technological innovation. Although the anti-counterfeiting of bottle caps is constantly improving, it is also constantly being challenged by counterfeiters, integrating more technological elements, and using technological innovations to enhance the anti-counterfeiting capabilities of bottle caps, which is obviously a very effective means.

Secondly, of course, the bottle label of the bottle, the constant improvement and change of the bottle label material contains many innovative elements, from the traditional paper bottle bottle label to the heat shrink sleeve label, all contain many innovative elements. Now the bottle and bottle label is not only a simple text display, but also incorporates two-dimensional code elements. It has gradually begun to integrate into the mobile Internet.

Finally, the technological innovations in bottle bottles, such as adding chips to wine bottles, can read relevant information in real time, and lightweight bottles, for example, also require high technological innovation elements.

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