What is a Chinese cooker hood

Chinese-style hood European-style hood is not just a difference in appearance, the most important thing is the adaptability to different lifestyles. The term Chinese-style range hood may be a bit strange to everyone. Today, let's take a look at the various situations of the Chinese-style range hood.

What is chinese range hood

Chinese-style range hoods are simple, lightweight and economical. European-style range hoods have a more luxurious appearance, but the price is slightly higher. The families with small kitchen area mainly buy "Chinese" range hoods. These families pay more attention to cost performance and practicality. The price of Chinese machines on the market is only about one-third of that of European machines. Development, the technology is quite mature, the depth of the smoke collection bin is 2.5 times that of the ordinary European machine, which is more conducive to the collection of rising fume and the smoke extraction effect is more ideal. In addition, the motor fan of the Chinese fume hood is directly facing the fume sucked in directly, and the fume can be quickly discharged, and there will be no stagnation or overflow of the fume in the smoke collecting bin, so the oil dirt will not remain in the smoke collecting bin.

Introduction of the appearance of Chinese range hood

Many friends are not very clear about some types of range hoods, especially the appearance of Chinese and European hoods is not clearly distinguished. Let me introduce the appearance of Chinese range hoods. The size of Chinese range hoods is relatively small, generally for It is a rectangular parallelepiped with a gathered design inside, as shown in the figure below.

Characteristics of Chinese Range Hood


1. The large suction, Chinese-style range hood is specially designed for the dietary habits of the Chinese. For the Chinese people, the large suction range hood specially designed for the Chinese people because of the intense fire and fume produces a lot of fume. Smoke chamber, good smoke exhaust effect.

2. High cost performance, the current Chinese range hood technology is mature, and the manufacturing cost is relatively low, so the price is relatively cheap. Most families can buy it, and the smoke exhaust effect is good, so the cost performance is very high.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection, because the Chinese-style range hoods are designed together, the same-power Chinese and European-style hoods have better smoke exhausting effects, so they are more energy-efficient.

Disadvantages: high noise, difficult cleaning, unsightly appearance, general Chinese range hoods have the problem of large noise, and the separation of the oil smoke causes the accumulation of oil stains to be difficult to clean, and the appearance is disliked by most people, and does not match with other kitchen appliances .

The main difference between Chinese hood and European hood

Compared with the economical features of the "Chinese" machine, the "European" machine has outstanding advantages in appearance and function. It has a stylish appearance and more user-friendly functions, which is suitable for high-end user groups. The reporter found in the home appliance store that various brands of European-style display machines are obviously more than Chinese-style machines, and more functions have been injected.

The difference between the Chinese-style smoke machine and the European-style smoke machine stems from the difference between the eastern and western cultures and eating habits. The Chinese are more practical and the Europeans are more fashionable; the Chinese cooks pay attention to frying, bursting, and frying, and the Europeans are more inclined to cold salads and fumigation. For this reason, Chinese-style smoke machines generally use high-power motors, large turbines, large smoke chambers and single-layer smoke chambers, while European style smoke machines emphasize moderate motor power, dual turbines, small smoke chambers and no smoke chambers, and multi-layer dense meshes. Board overlay. Chinese-style hoods have good suction and exhaust performance, but the oil smoke is not separated, which has a certain pollution to the surrounding environment. European-style hoods pursue oil-smoke separation, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, but the effect of oil smoke is poor.

Editor's summary: After reading the above information, everyone has a certain understanding of the Chinese-style range hood. At present, the Chinese-style range hood is gradually being eliminated. At present, the European-style range hood is gradually improved in terms of suction power. Consider whether to buy.

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