Wedding room custom wardrobe four steps to create a dream wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The dream wedding room must have a strong and practical wardrobe to release the beauty of their love. If you can choose the right place in the wardrobe, cabinet, cabinet door and accessories, and master some storage and finishing techniques, the wardrobe can be refined and easy to use.

Choose a location

Canoya swing door wardrobe

Custom combination wardrobe (appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

The large hallway may have reserved a niche for you, specifically for the wardrobe. You need to customize the door and the inner frame according to the size of the space. Choosing a moving door can reduce the obstacles caused by opening the door. The internal structure is more separated to prevent accidental needs. Items such as quilts may be placed in the closet in the hallway, so be sure to plan ahead.

Corner-shaped wardrobe, suitable for opening rooms or large, multi-functional bedrooms. If the room is well lit, then you can make the most of the space and design the wardrobe into a top-of-the-line style. If there is only one side of the light, it is best to leave space in the upper part of the closet so that natural light can enter.

In the long and narrow bedroom, if there is a window or a door on one side of the wall and it is not suitable to place the wardrobe, then the combination wardrobe can be customized on the wall of the bed. Many people are willing to add a top cabinet directly above the bed, which will be detrimental to sleep, it is best to increase the thickness of the headboard.

Cat Tree/Scratching Post

1.Question: Do you have other products not listed online?
Answer: MOVEPEAK has many, many pet supplies items not featured on our website. Since we keep developing new products for our customer and in order to protect their benefit, we won't post many new designs on our website.

2.Question: How do I place an order?
Answer: When you find Cat Tree/Scratching Post you would like to purchase, please find our sales specialists and send your order requirement to our email. If you prefer, you may give us a email.

3.Question: When will I receive my order?
Answer:Cat Tree/Scratching Post Production time depends on the product you order. Normally we give 30days lead time as production and shipping is based on the desination port distance. If you order some regular items which we happened to have stock, it would be very fast.

4.Question: What are Cat Tree or Cat Scratching Post sample charges and express charges and lead time?
Answer: These are MOVEPEAK Pet standard charges for the set-up of specific product equipment used to produce your sample. Different design and material may cause different moulding charge, the sample cost of all items, we will charge of 1.5 times of quotation cost, the express fee will be bear by our clients.Of course all sample fee (don't include express fee)will refund when you place a order that quantity can reach our MOQ of each item. The sampling charge exclude mould charge and printing
Platform charge.
cat tree

5.Question: Can I use copyrighted material of this Cat Tree/Scratching Post?
Answer: Customers are totally responsible for obtaining rights to use any logo, trademark, service mark, artwork, name, photograph, statement, illustration or any other intellectual property on the products purchased by the customer. Angel Love Pet shall not be held liable for the unauthorized use of any art, logo, trademark or copyright printed on any item ordered by the customer. The customer agrees to hold Angel Love Pet harmless from any claims, suits or actions alleging that the products purchased by the customer violates or infringes on any rights of any third party.

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