[Wardy sheet] How to prevent the deformation of the wardrobe sheet?

[Chinese wardrobe network] [difficulties] wardrobe is an important part of bedroom furniture, but also constitutes one of the large pieces of bedroom furniture, the quality of the wardrobe is mainly determined by the wardrobe sheet, and now many wardrobe sheets are deformed, then How to prevent deformation of the wardrobe sheet?

[Q & A] How to prevent deformation of the wardrobe sheet?

Wardrobe plate

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Avoid using irritating and corrosive chemicals such as alcohol and detergents that are easily damaged by wood. Wooden wardrobes can be wiped with a clean rag, but if it is dirty, use soap or a neutral detergent and wipe it with a damp cloth. Ultraviolet light is also destructive to wood furniture, so proper use of fabrics or curtains to avoid sun exposure is necessary. If you want to wax, it is best to choose a wax with a high concentration and solid, free of silicon, so as not to damage the paint surface.

Component stacking causes deformation in production, some operators are convenient for drawing, stacking the plates freely, or stacking the plates is not flat, and even leaning the plate against the wall, causing the plates to enter Before the next process, it was deformed due to its own weight. The coating process causes deformation During the finishing process, due to improper use of the process and raw materials, the plate is deformed and deformed as the internal stress of the coating changes. The effect of finishing putty In the decoration of the door parts, many manufacturers use pig blood putty or glue to prepare the putty in order to reduce the cost. Because these two kinds of putty contain a lot of water, the substrate commonly used for plate furniture - medium density Fibreboard and particleboard are particularly hygroscopic, so when one side of the door panel is not putty, and the other side is coated with such a water-rich putty, the door panel part is hygroscopic and deformed.

The influence of the drying process is in the production. When the board is coated with putty or paint, it should be placed on the drying rack for natural drying. If the rod of the drying rack is too sparse or uneven, it will also cause the door. The part was found to be bent and deformed during the drying of the paint. The influence of the internal stress of the coating will form a certain coating after curing. Even if there is no external force, an internal stress will be generated. If the internal stress is not handled properly, it will become the main cause of bending deformation of the door component. one.

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