Wardrobe installation: wet weather should be prepared and "installed"

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the humid weather, you should pay special attention to safety when using electricity. When choosing a room light, don't just look at the beauty, but also check carefully whether it is safe. You should choose a 3C certified lamp in a reliable market.

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The air is easy to repeat in the early summer and is quite humid. Experts have warned that many things need special attention when decorating in wet weather. In addition to the raw materials and construction problems we introduced before, the safety issue should not be taken lightly.

Fire safety

Many people know that dry and windy is easy to catch fire. Does the wet weather have no hidden dangers? Zhao Taiyu, the decoration supervision engineer of the Woodpecker Decoration Supervision Company, reminds us that although the climate is relatively favorable for decoration fire prevention, due to the spring wind in some places, there is an ignition source that may cause fire. Therefore, the construction site must be strictly fireproof.

It should be noted that the fireproof materials used in the decoration must be in accordance with national standards, and must be matched with the decorative materials that meet the standards. Non-combustible materials shall be used for indoor ceilings, and non-combustible or non-combustible materials shall be used for wall, floor and base to minimize the risk of fire. The wooden materials such as the keel and cabinet of the ceiling should be fireproofed. In addition, all electrical circuits should be sheathed, and the non-combustible materials around the junction box, switch, slot lamp, ceiling lamp and heating device should be fire-proof and heat-insulated. When choosing a room luminaire, don't just look at the beauty, but also check it carefully. You should choose a 3C-certified luminaire in a reliable market.

2. Electricity safety

Damp weather is particularly prone to electric leakage, so pay attention to electricity safety when decorating. Do not pull and mess with the wires, there should be a protective tube on the power line, and pay special attention to the circuit construction and electrical installation in the home decoration. Fireproof materials should also be used in renovations. Smoking is prohibited at the decoration site. Do not use open flames. Paints and other flammable materials should be kept away from fire and stored in a cool, ventilated and safe place. The decoration personnel should clean the construction site every day to remove flammable materials such as wood chips, paint scales and residues, and ensure that the indoor exit is safe and smooth. At the same time, the decoration site must also be equipped with fire-fighting equipment, and the construction personnel must also have certain fire-fighting common sense.

It is best to use a waterproof socket with a buckle box. Due to the large amount of water in the bathroom, it is possible to use the socket with the buckle box to ensure the safety of electricity. The owner can also consider placing the toilet power switch and outlet outside the bathroom.

3. Anti-virus, explosion-proof safety

Confined environments, especially in public places, have more accidents. In addition to fire prevention work, the decorators must also do anti-virus and explosion-proof work. Also due to the wind, in the decoration process, many construction workers will choose to close the doors and windows for construction, but the closed decoration environment is very likely to cause a safety accident. Because a lot of volatile gases such as paint, banana water, paint and thinner are used in the decoration process, these gases are mixed with air to form an explosive mixture, which will explode if exposed to an open flame. A little careless, the electric spark generated by pulling the light switch or turning on the power tool can have serious consequences.

The closed decoration environment is also likely to cause poisoning incidents for construction workers. In the decoration, a waterproof material containing a large amount of volatile solvent is used. In order to facilitate the construction, it is often necessary to adjust it to a suitable viscosity with a diluent, and these diluents are also highly volatile. If the doors and windows are closed, these volatile toxic gases will be dispersed in the air, which will become the main culprit for the poisoning of construction workers. Therefore, when decorating workers use paint in a closed environment, they must wear protective gear and do not spend the night at the job site.

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