Visit the home store hot mom favorite creative home, cooking classroom

Among the visitors, Li Na, who has been promoted to fashion hot mom, is more "choosy" about the store. “I like to go shopping in specialty home goods. The best store can have some smart small appliances imported from abroad, including some designer works.” Therefore, for Li Na, the Hong Kong design gallery on the first floor of Belle Plaza is her every Week must visit the store. “I have seen a particularly creative peeler that is not only functional but also an artistic accessory at home.”

In the AEON supermarket on the first floor, fashion visitors just happened to meet the start time of the “Cooking Classroom”. The theme of this time was the spicy salmon, the professional western chef’s live demonstration and the cooking skills, which were among the visitors. Hot mom is a good opportunity to practice cooking.

Other special services: shopping consultation, sewing kit borrowing, in-store broadcasting, small tool borrowing, lost and found, emergency kit, weather/traffic inquiry, baby carriage rental, wheelchair rental, gift packaging and paid service, umbrella rental, customer feedback, etc. .

Some car owners noticed: There is free parking here, there are more than 1,400 parking spaces, and the parking lot is open from 10:00 to 22:00.

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