Trove launches new 3D printed jewelry platform

Choosing jewelry for yourself or for someone you love has always been a hassle. Even if only one of the factors such as size, style, material and surface finish is not suitable, this piece of jewelry may have to stay in the box forever. However, with the rise of 3D printed jewellery, such problems will soon become history.

So far, there have been many merchants offering jewellery 3D printing services around the world. At the same time, more platforms or companies of the same type are appearing rapidly, including Trove and its latest 3D printing jewellery platform.


Trove's platform is similar to other platforms in that it allows you to choose from existing designs and allow you to design your own and then choose from a variety of metal materials. However, it also has its own uniqueness, that is, a prototype of a plastic material will be given to you before the official production to ensure that the size is absolutely appropriate.


According to China's 3D printing network, the types of jewelry available on the platform are currently rings and bracelets (and soon necklaces and others), each with 25 basic designs. Available materials are bronze, brass, standard sterling silver, 14k gold and 18k gold. In the specific operation, you can select and propose custom requirements as described above, or use CAD and other software to design, and then enter the size and material. In addition, these designs will be part of Trove's exhibits, so if you don't have a good idea for a while, try to learn from others. Trove's social media will keep you up to date with the latest trends.


After the above steps are completed, you only need to wait for the plastic prototype to come to the door and try it on. If there are no problems, the final product will be delivered to your door soon.



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