Three Thieves has developed a new type of alcohol-friendly packaging

Recently, the American liquor company Three Thieves has developed a new type of alcoholic packaging - the Tetra-Pak wine series packaging.

This new type of alcoholic packaging is octagonal and has a volume of 250 ml. Currently, the use of this type of packaging is sold by Whole Foods, a US retail chain.

Charles Bieler, one of the founders of Three Thieves, is also the owner of Three Thieves. He said that at present, the reason why Whole Foods is very competitive in terms of alcoholic beverages is that Tetra-Pak is an environmentally friendly packaging that is in line with consumer demand.

Tetra-Pak wine series packaging is mostly made from renewable materials (70% paper packaging), and due to the use of less raw materials, these packages are much lighter than glass bottles. After use, these packages can also be recycled and reused.

Information Source: China Printing and Packaging Network

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