Thermal vacuum full desorption analyzer

Thermal vacuum full desorption analyzer / thermal vacuum distillation degassing model: MHY-26527 I. Features: 1. Prevent leakage of oil and gas in the case of small oil and gas ratio, low drilling speed, thick mud and large specific gravity. 2. With the analysis of the chromatograph, it provides a reliable basis for qualitative and quantitative interpretation of oil and gas layers. 3. High degassing efficiency. Second, technical indicators: 1, system vacuum: ≤ 1.3KPa. 2. Pumping rate: ≥1 mL/s 3. System sealing: After the vacuum reaches 1.3Kpa, the vacuum gauge drops less than 0.26Kpa within 2 hours. 4. Heating power: 300W 5. Mud bottle volume: 250 ml 6. , output: 4 ~ 20mA

Adult Cleansing WashCloths

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