The warranty for the three-pack service is extended to three years.

Near March 15th, many unreasonable consumer traps in home building materials keep consumers squandering. In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers in the decoration process, on March 7th, sponsored by Changsha Evening News and Changsha City Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee, the “Home Furnishing Purchase” will be officially hosted at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. start up. From now on, the prospective owners can make a registration by calling the Changsha Evening News hotline at 96333, 82205573, 82250519, and they will get a set of “Guarant House Building Furniture Shopping Member Protection Card and 50,000 Yuan Gift Package”. Home purchases can enjoy exclusive protection services and preferential policies.

As the first ring of "home happy purchase", from March 2, the actual home officially extended the "three guarantees" service period from one year to three years. This is the home of the family since 2000 promised to the consumer and launched "first pay", "green", "no reason to return within one month", "the same brand of goods the same price", "delivery installation zero delay" After the service initiatives, another service initiative in the national home furnishing industry.

The "Three Guarantees" service period is extended from 1 year to 3 years.

“Home building materials have the characteristics of large consumption and long service life. Many problems occur after the expiration of the “three guarantees” service in one year. If the “three guarantees” rule is provided within one year, the store may not accept consumers. Class complaints. The relevant person in charge of the home said that such complaints accounted for 20% of the total complaints in the household industry. From the perspective of further improving the service level and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the family decided to officially The service period of the package is extended from one year to three years.

From March 2nd, all non-customized products of furniture and building materials purchased in the home can enjoy the three-year "three guarantees" period, and quality problems occur within 90 days. Consumers can choose to repair, exchange or return for free; 180 There are quality problems in the day, consumers can choose to repair or exchange for free; in the remaining period of the "three guarantees" quality problems, the home is responsible for free repair.

In addition, the standard parts of customized products (such as cabinets, doors and windows, custom furniture, etc.) (such as electrical appliances, gas stoves, etc.) in accordance with the "three guarantees" of non-customized products; non-standard parts of the quality problems, in principle only repair Can not be returned (within 3 years), only returned after the repair can not resume its normal function; home improvement service warranty period of 3 years, 5 years of waterproof requirements.

Fight products, more service

“In addition to products, quality services have also been upgraded to a strategic position.” Industry insiders analyzed that the “Three Guarantees” period was extended to three years in the Changsha home furnishing industry and even the national home furnishing industry. Will impact the entire home industry after-sales service system, and promote other stores and merchants to extend the "three guarantees" deadline.

It is reported that after three months of “home fun purchase” activities, the service will be the core strength point throughout the whole process, and the organizers will launch a number of innovative services in conjunction with the home. Such as "the store manager reception day", "service supervisor", etc., will be the two highlights launched during the March 15 period.

From this year, the home of the family will be the first Saturday of March every year as the "store reception day". The store manager and the general manager of the branch will personally receive the consumers, solve consumer complaints on the spot, answer consumer questions, and listen. Consumer opinions and suggestions. In addition, the actual home will also openly hire a “service supervisor” to supervise the management and services of the actual home.

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