The spring wardrobe contains skill storage clothes to make it smart.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When we saw that the neat wardrobe was ruined by messy clothes and shoes, how can we quickly organize the wardrobe? As we all know, the wardrobe is a necessity for every family, and the interior of the wardrobe is reasonably designed. The storage and functional partitions make each piece of clothing and items in the right place, which is very necessary for the modern busy people. Spring is coming, and it is facing the season of storage. It is very necessary to master several kinds of wardrobe storage tips. Let's take a look at it!

1, clothing dust bag

Wardrobe storage

Clothing dust bag

Coats and jackets hanging directly on the hangers will occupy a lot of wardrobe space, put on a clothing dust cover, reduce the space occupied by the clothes, and also prevent the clothes from getting dust, and it seems that the interior of the wardrobe is neatly hanged and can be hung. How many coats?

2, folding storage method

Wardrobe design

Folding storage method

Stacking clothes is the easiest way to store, that is, the process is a bit boring, lazy people have made a lazy stack of artifacts, get a dress in three seconds. The folded clothes are neatly discharged and look fresh and tidy. If you arrange the position according to the color, it is definitely the favorite of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. This method is suitable for clothes such as T-shirts or sweaters that are not wrinkled or wrinkled.

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