The higher the maximum working pressure of the aseptic homogenizer, the better

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Purchase aseptic homogenizer 1. Minimum trial volume: the smaller the better, the material can be saved. At present, the raw materials of some medicines reach several thousand yuan / gram. Of course, users hope to complete a homogenization experiment with the least materials. And the experiment is a repeated process. The larger the minimum sample volume, the more wasted material. 2. Homogeneous pressure: the higher the maximum working pressure, the better. First: in a sense, the higher the pressure, the smaller the particle size of the material can be processed; second, the higher the pressure, the more types of material can be processed, for example, some liquid emulsions only need to be at 15000psi It can be homogenized to below 100nm, and some medicines, foods, especially suspensions with a certain amount of solid particles in the liquid, must be at least 26,000psi above the nanometer level. 3. Treatment effect: Of course, the user hopes to make the material, one can reach the nano level, and the second is the nano level, the distribution is very uniform, instead of some particles are already dozens of nano, and some still Micron. In order to solve this problem, it is recommended that when buying a homogenizer, the manufacturer should be equipped with a nano-scale filter extruder device, preferably an online extruder, which is very troublesome to extrude offline. 4. Cleaning and sterilization: The imported high-pressure homogenizer is very convenient for cleaning and sterilization. It is recommended to consider those that can be cleaned and sterilized online. 5. No longer consider the noise, safety, and number of users in China of a device. From the user list, you can determine whether a device is selling well. The more well-known users, the better the quality of the device. 6. Manufacturers of homogenizers generally say that their equipment is very good, and it is recommended that they first provide a list of users, and second, let them provide relevant results and papers. Through the inspection of the above aspects, you can compare various aspects of the high-pressure homogenizer equipment, so that you can decide which equipment you need most.

Application range of aseptic homogenizer: flapping aseptic homogenizer 1. The aseptic homogenizer (slap homogenizer) is an advanced product improved and enlarged on the basis of foreign series product technology. , The sample has no pollution, no damage, no temperature increase, no sterilization treatment, and no need to wash the utensils. 2. The aseptic homogenizer is widely used for the homogenization of animal tissues and biological samples. It can be applied in the fields of food, medicine, cosmetics, clinical, molecular, toxin and bacteria detection, especially suitable for microbiological testing samples. preparation. 3. The sterile homogenizer is also suitable for the homogenization of tumor tissues (such as liver cancer, intestinal cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer), which can obtain a large number of single cells, if necessary, by extending the homogenization time, the tissue cells ( Such as liver, etc.) to achieve a soft break. 4. The sterile homogenizer can effectively separate the solid sample surface and the contained microbial uniform sample. The sample is packed in a disposable sterile homogenization bag without contact with the instrument. The operation is fast, the result is accurate and repeatable. Good request.

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