The famous bathroom brand toto bathroom price reference

As a famous bathroom brand, Toto bathroom has a high reputation. But many friends will ask, how about toto bathroom? If you also have such a question, then follow us to understand the toto bathroom, we also provide some toto bathroom prices.

Toto Sanitary Ware, or Toto Sanitary Ware, is a Japanese brand that has a history of nearly 100 years. Toto has seven innovative technologies. While improving the quality of life of consumers, it also pays attention to the protection of water resources. Today, Toto's business has spread all over the world, becoming a world-renowned brand. Toto's products are also used in many famous buildings in China, such as Bird's Nest, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai World Financial Center.

Whether in a public place or a private place, toto is almost ubiquitous. As long as you take a closer look, you can easily see his figure. How about toto bathroom, let's weigh it yourself. Next, let's introduce the price of toto bathroom:

TOTO toilet CW886B price: 2130 yuan

TOTO mute water-saving one-piece toilet price: 1159.2 yuan

TOTO concealed water tank toilet price: 2680 yuan

TOTO CW870 toilet price: 728 yuan

Maybe you didn't know much about Toto bathroom before, I hope our introduction will give you a more detailed understanding of Toto bathroom. I don't know what do you think of Toto bathroom now? The price of toto bathroom provided by us is only a reference price, and the specific price should be based on the actual situation.

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Sanitary ware brand toilet

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Bowl chopper and vacuum mixer are widely used in sausage production line,including bowl cutter,bowl chopper,meat mixer,vacuum bowl cutter,vacuum cutter,vacuum mixer. Only the excellent performance machines can guarantee the high quality of products. 30 years of experience allows us to design the most advanced chopping and mixing machines. Vacuum sealing technology is applied in these machines preventing protein and fat being oxygenized and damaged, keeping freshness, original color and taste, reducing air bubbles and enhancing flexibility.
The vacuum mixer adopts double shaft and helix paddle structure, which will mix raw material in circle movement, to reach the perfect mixing effect.

Bowl cutter can cut meat into emulsified paste by high speed chopping knives and mix up other additives into meat sufficiently.

Bowl cutter series:

High speed bowl cutter 80L

High speed bowl cutter 125L

High speed bowl cutter 200L

High speed bowl cutter 330L

Vacuum bowl cutter 125L

Vacuum bowl cutter 200L

Mixer series

Common meat horizontal mixer 60L, 150L, 400L, 650L, 800L, 1200L

Vacuum meat horizontal mixer 60L, 150L, 300L, 650L, 800L, 1200L

The application of Chopper And Mixer Series

Raw sausage

Cooked sausage

Smoked sausage

Scalded sausage

Canned meat


Soups and sauces
And much more ...

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