The establishment and implementation of Indian-Indian enterprises system is the key to the implementation of equipment maintenance

1 The implementation of measures is the key to management

When each printing company begins to introduce equipment, it will surely formulate many related specific measures and implementation plans for the maintenance of the equipment.

From the establishment of equipment files, to the designated person management, to determine the responsible person, etc., very perfect and in place. However, abnormal damage caused by improper maintenance of equipment often occurs. The main reason is that the characteristics of prepress equipment are different from those of other equipment. Prepress equipment is often used by more than one person, such as a copy machine. , punching machines, etc., as long as the version of the room can be used by people, and the version of the room is often twenty-four hours work, failure If not a big problem, sometimes in order to catch the task, the maintenance staff are generally repaired Do not investigate the responsible person. As a result, the maintenance of equipment cannot be realized at all.

To solve this problem, in addition to writing the name of the responsible person next to the equipment to strengthen the sense of responsibility and supervision, it is also possible to use equipment integrity rates linked to rewards and punishments, not only to punish or not to award, but also to give a certain amount of subsidies each month, such as equipment. The problem arises first by the maintenance personnel to issue a maintenance report to the supervisor. If the maintenance is improper, the person responsible for the penalty will be punished. If the responsible person changes, the responsible person must be changed in time.

2 Carefully follow maintenance procedures

Relevant operating procedures, daily cleaning and maintenance, and lubrication systems for each device are posted next to the device, and the responsible person is responsible for daily maintenance in accordance with the regulations.

Such as: punching machine to regularly clean the development, fixing and water tank, printing machine to timely refueling the air pump, etc., must be carried out in accordance with the device's instructions. In fact, a lot of maintenance work can be done without downtime or downtime. It is mainly related to whether the relevant personnel have done as required. However, some maintenance work must be stopped for a long time before maintenance can be done. For example, if the PS plate processor has to be shut down for maintenance for three months, it should be maintained on schedule under the premise of good production. And forget about maintenance, or just care about production rather than maintenance.

Most of the pre-press equipment maintenance work is not much to do, as long as the maintenance work to ensure that in place to ensure quality. In this way, the performance of the equipment can be relatively stable, and the company's production can be carried out smoothly.

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