The correct way to buy ink cartridges

As an important office consumable, the ink cartridge is like the heart of the printer. Once it is selected incorrectly, it will directly affect the effect printed by the printer and the service life of the printer. Therefore, we must be extra careful when purchasing ink cartridges. Today Xiaobian will share with you how to properly purchase ink cartridges. I hope that after reading this article, my friends will no longer have to worry about buying the wrong cartridge.

1. Select the ink cartridge that matches the printer manufacturer.

Each ink cartridge is marked with the manufacturer, model and applicable model. You must know the type of ink cartridge before buying. If you are not sure, you can bring the original ink cartridge to compare. Unmatched ink cartridges must never be used, and a tough installation will not only damage the ink cartridges, but also damage the internal parts of the printer.
2, it is best to choose a double cartridge.

The printer's ink cartridges are divided into single and double ink cartridges. It is generally recommended to use dual ink cartridges. Because the dual ink cartridges allow two ink cartridges to be placed at the same time, one is a black ink cartridge and the other is a color ink cartridge. Since the dual ink cartridge is a commonly used method, it is not only economical but also economical to purchase, and is also easy to purchase. In addition, the dual ink cartridges do not interfere with each other during operation. For example, when printing plain black text, only black ink cartridges are used, and when printing color images, only color ink cartridges are used, which greatly prolongs the life of the ink cartridges. On the contrary, a single ink cartridge may store yellow, green, and blue inks separately. Once a color is used up, the entire ink cartridge must be replaced. The dual ink cartridges are independent of each other, allowing replacement separately, which is arguably the best in economy and practicality. Combine.
3. Select the ink cartridge with the nozzle.

From the compositional structure, there are two types of ink cartridges on the market, one is an integrated ink cartridge whose nozzle is integrated on the ink cartridge, and the other is a split ink cartridge without a nozzle. For users who do not have any special requirements for printing, it is recommended to select an ink cartridge with a printhead. Because the ink cartridge is used up, it can also allow the user to refill the ink into the empty ink cartridge. The ink after filling will not cause much damage to the nozzle; in addition, once the user replaces the integrated ink cartridge, it is also replaced. The printer's print head, so that the printer will not be printed for a long time, the print quality and effect will be reduced. Conversely, if the printhead is integrated into the printer, the printhead will not be updated in time, and as the printer's working time increases, the printer's quality will naturally drop until the printhead deteriorates. Moreover, the split type ink cartridge does not allow the user to fill the ink at will, so that the recycling rate of the ink cartridge is not too high.

I don't know if I have read the ink cartridge purchase method that Xiaobian has shared with you. Is it very helpful to you? When we buy these office supplies, we need to be careful and careful to choose. Don't be greedy and lose a lot of money, so it is not worthwhile.

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