The composition of the paint is the key to quality

--pigment. Provides color or whiteness and hiding power. The high hiding power pigments in high quality coatings are high in content. Premium exterior paints contain more durable pigments that have better chalk resistance and fade resistance.

- Binder. The binder "binds" the pigment into a strong, complete paint film and helps the coating adhere to the surface. The ratio of binder to pigment in high-quality plain coatings is high. Many premium exterior latex paints are based on 100% pure acrylic binders to maximize the following properties: wet adhesion, good blister and flaking resistance, mildew resistance and resistance Stain; alkali resistance on fresh cement stone.

--liquid. Liquids are carriers for pigments and binders. Liquids in oil paints and alkyd paints are paint thinners. The liquid in latex paint is water. High-quality coatings contain less liquid, and more solids (pigments and binders).

--additive. Less used, but provide important performance ingredients, such as: mildew resistance (anti-mold agent), contained in high-quality exterior paint; better fluidity and leveling; splash resistance.

The high quality of the paint means high value. The high-quality paint coating is more convenient and faster:

——Good hiding power and fluidity means that after the paint is applied, it will not leave marks on the paint film, and it will not need to be repeatedly painted or repaired.

- You may need only a few coats to get good hiding power and a pleasing consistency.

- Less splashing means faster painting speed and easier removal.

- For exterior wall painting work, the cost per year spent on high-quality paint is low. If the surface is properly pre-treated and a suitable coating tool is used, you do not need to repaint frequently and do not require more maintenance. You don't have to remove mold, you don't need to worry about powdering, cracking, etc.

——For interior wall painting work, you want high-quality paint to be more durable and bring you higher value. Quality coatings have better stain resistance, and "economy" coatings are more resistant to repeated scrubbing.

Suspension Type Manipulator have fixed model and rail-mounted type
Top-fixed mode can be available when not convenient for floor installation
By adopting top-rail mounting, the working scope is immensely widen and multi-station shares the same device.
Guide rail and travel system has a variety of forms of specifications to choose from.

Suspension Type Manipulator

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