Teach you a few tricks, "easy" to enhance the bench press

"Cushion" is often regarded by men as the standard for measuring strength. Although Xiaobian does not agree, a power master should also be clear that bench press cannot be the sole criterion for measuring strength, but for the face of male compatriots, we decide Teach you a few tricks, "easy" to enhance the weight of the bench press.


Correct grip

Your grip is often the key to determining whether bench press training is “effective”: a narrower grip will stimulate more triceps and shoulder muscles, while a wider grip will produce a stronger force on the chest muscles. Stretching and less shrinkage – the medium grip allows for a more comprehensive application of the shoulders, chest and three-headed muscles for maximum strength. At the same time, ensure that the arm is vertical when the barbell falls to the bottom, which can stimulate greater thrust.

2. Correct breathing

Take a deep breath before lowering the barbell, then slowly lower the barbell, make a slight exhalation at the lowest end and then hold it, then slowly push up the barbell, the highest point is fully exhaled and inhaled, and then the next cycle. Because keeping your breath while pushing under heavy weight will weaken your body's stability, you have to do a short-lived suffocation so that you can keep your body stable and make your thrust more concentrated when you push it up.


3. Enhance the back

The strong latissimus dorsi can stabilize the trajectory of the barbell movement, while also tightening the upper limbs, providing a solid foundation for the contraction of the chest muscles. The wider and thicker the back, the more stable the upper limbs, and the more weight you can push.


4. Squeeze the shoulder front

When pushing the barbell, deliberately squeezing the front of the shoulder while pushing the barbell can make the shoulder more stable, and it can also stimulate the chest muscles deeper and push up the weight.


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