Some Issues on Printed Materials (4)

What is coated paper?

Coated paper, also known as coated printing paper, is called powdered paper in Hong Kong and other regions. It is an advanced printing paper made from base paper coated white paint. Mainly used for printing high-end books and magazine covers and illustrations, color pictures, a variety of exquisite product advertisements, samples, product packaging, trademarks and so on.

Coated paper is a flat sheet, and the size is 787×1092mm, 880×1230mm, and the basis weight is 70-250g/m 2 . Coated paper has single-sided coated paper, double-sided coated paper, matt coated paper, and coated copper coated paper. According to the quality is divided into A, B, C three. The main raw materials of coated paper are copperplate paper and coatings. The requirement for the copperplate paper is uniform thickness, low elasticity, high strength, and good water resistance. The paper surface is not allowed to have paper spots such as spots, wrinkles, holes, etc. The coating used for coating is composed of high-quality white pigments (such as kaolin, barium sulfate, etc.), adhesives (such as polyvinyl alcohol, casein, etc.), and auxiliary additives. of. The paint with high fluidity and high solid content is thinly and evenly coated on the base paper by a coater, then dried, rolled into a roll on a reel, and then sent to a super calender for calendering Finishing, final cut, paper selection, packing.

Coated paper is characterized by a very smooth and smooth paper surface, high smoothness, and good gloss. Because the whiteness of the paint used is more than 90%, and the particles are very fine, and it is calendered by a super calender, the smoothness of the coated paper is generally 600 to 1000 s. At the same time, the paint is evenly distributed on the surface of the paper and shows a pleasant white color. The requirement for coated paper is that the coating is thin and uniform, free of bubbles, and the amount of adhesive in the coating is appropriate to prevent the paper from removing powder during the printing process. In addition, the absorption of xylene on coated paper should be appropriate.

Cloth coated paper is pressed with old blankets. In addition to the flatness of the paper surface and high whiteness, the printed images and images have a three-dimensional effect. This type of coated paper can be widely used to print graphic arts and advertisements. Landscape paintings, exquisite calendars, portraits, etc.

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