Simple and not simple gold cabinet Earl red sliding door wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the advancement of the production process, the style of the overall wardrobe is now more and more diverse. As for the sliding door of the wardrobe , there have been many styles. Some wardrobe brands also use healthy materials, pay attention to details, and make the wardrobe storage very user-friendly. These high-quality overall wardrobes add a lot of convenience and fun to our lives. Today Xiaobian brings you a gold cabinet Jane European sliding door wardrobe.

Sliding door wardrobe

product description:

Evaluation of the brand's overall cabinet

Evaluation product Jane European sliding door wardrobe (Earl Red)

Measuring the appearance of a wardrobe:

Roman column and top line:

The color of this closet cabinet is Earl Red. This is a noble and restrained color with a very delicate rosewood texture on the surface. The color of the embedded leather is dark gray. Piaget red is perfectly matched with dark grey leather for a unique aesthetic. Thanks to the Roman column and the top line, the wardrobe has a European style.

Gold cabinet

The Roman columns and top lines on both sides of the closet have a thick Jane-European style, which is perfectly combined with the cabinet, simple, elegant and generous.

Wardrobe evaluation

In European-style furniture, the Roman column is an essential decorative element. The wardrobe's Roman column, top line and closet cabinets and door frames are the same color, making the overall tone of the wardrobe harmonious and stable. The Roman column and the top line are beautiful in appearance, exquisite in workmanship, heavy in texture, smooth in lines, and free from abnormalities and unevenness. It can be seen that the factory is excellent and exquisite.

Sliding door wardrobe

The wardrobe sliding door is made of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy door frame with dark gray high-grade leather. The leather texture is delicate and soft, and the middle and horizontal lines are dynamic, which makes the sliding door shape very simple. The overall feeling is that this is an airy, simple wardrobe.

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