Side-opening cigarette packing box

Patent Name A Side-opened Cigarette Package Patent Applicant General Tobacco Group Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 250100 Inventor Wang Xiangang, No. 80, Jiangjun Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province; Wang Yiwen Application (Patent) No. 200420098328.3 Date of Application 2004.12.13 Certification Date Audit No. 2755037 Auditing Notice Date 2006.02.01 Manual CD-ROM D0605-1 Main Classification Number B65D85/10(2006.01)I Classification Number B65D85/10(2006.01)I;A24F15/00(2006.01)I Division Original Application Number The utility model of the priority item relates to a side-opening cigarette packing box, which belongs to the technical field of outer packaging. The utility model is composed of a cigarette box and a box cover, wherein the box cover is arranged on the side of the cigarette box, a ribbon is connected inside the cigarette box, and the cigarette inside the cigarette box is wrapped by the ribbon. The utility model sets the packing box on the side to open, and connects the cigarette box with a ribbon, and the ribbon wrapped in the cigarette box is wrapped around by the ribbon. When the smoker smokes, the ribbon can be drawn out, and the direct drawing is avoided. It touches the filter part; it is easy to use and saves tin foil, and avoids the phenomenon of short cigarettes in the cigarette case. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient use, hygienic and low cost.

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