Scientists reveal complex causes of obesity in humans

Scientists have revealed the complex cause of obesity in humans. Fat cells can store excess energy and report this to the brain. In a recent study, a research team from the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania found that the removal of a time-series gene called Arntl (also known as BMAL1) in fat cells causes mice to become obese. And the disorder of the eating habits of the animals that caused this kind of nocturnal activity, this discovery reveals the complex cause of obesity in humans.

The first author of the article was Dr. Georgios Paschos, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. He said that the study made surprising discoveries in two aspects. The shift is good for energy storage "," These mice become obese because they do n’t have more calories to consume. "In fact, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have replicated this lack of time-consuming food consumption in normal mice The new model also found that normal mice also became fat.

This behavioral change that occurs in mice is similar to the previously discovered human night food syndrome. The so-called night-eating syndrome was originally discovered by the University of Pennsylvania Albert Stunkard in 1955. This disease is also related to obesity. .

Another surprising finding is the molecular clock itself. Traditionally, molecular clocks in peripheral tissues are generally considered to follow the "master clock" instruction in the SCN region of the brain, just like a band playing following the conductor's request. "Although we have long known that molecular clocks in peripheral tissues have a certain degree of autonomy-just like percussionists can shoot drums without conducting, but in this study, we found that this percussive behavior itself will also It affects command, "said Garret FitzGerald, who led the study.

Daily food intake is regulated by the oscillation expression of some hypothalamic genes, which can induce or suppress appetite. The researchers found that when this molecular clock in fat cells is blocked, this hypothalamic rhythm will be disrupted, promoting food consumption during abnormal intake time, which is abnormal for humans. It is night, for mice it is daytime.

And if an animal's routine rhythm is disrupted, then metabolism will also change. For example, for people who work night shifts, the prevalence of obesity and metabolic syndrome will increase, and patients with sleep disorders also have a higher risk of obesity. In addition, less sleep also means that healthy men and women gain weight.

Balance method

To balance energy levels in the body, it is necessary to integrate multiple signals in the central nervous system and peripheral tissues, such as the liver and heart. Fat cells can not only store and release energy, but also communicate with the brain. Quantity. When leptin is secreted, it will cause more energy to be consumed and affect the diet through the hypothalamic pathway

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