Safety Precautions for Earthwork Construction in Sports Grounds

First, what should be paid attention to in the construction work of excavation in sports grounds?

At present, excavation construction is mostly operated by bulldozers or excavators. Before construction, the detailed direction and buried depth of underground materials, electricity, communications, water supply, and drainage lines in the site must be known, and they should be marked with wooden stakes or white ash, or Pre-excavation with manual inspection of the exact depth and direction of the pit, when construction operations, it should also send someone to command in the mechanical operating area. The best way is to move the running pipeline ahead of time. The construction of a university in Beijing has identified the direction of the underground cable and the depth of burial. It is a straight line, but at a distance of 1m from the construction site, the cable was temporarily diverted into the construction site, resulting in loss of power.


Another operation for excavation construction is earthwork transportation. It requires automobile transportation, and important automobiles must be closed. It is not a waste to prevent pollution. However, for large vehicles, there is also a height to prevent collisions with overhead wires and crushed underground objects. For buildings above individual stadiums, it must also be highly compatible with cars to prevent damage to buildings.

Second, what should be paid attention to when filling the stadium?

At present, there are few large-filled projects in the construction of stadiums. However, there are also many projects for backfilling soil, especially for some of the built-in fertilizer tanks, and they are often backfilled with frogs. In the use of electric frog type ramming backfill operation, we must first connect the power supply, do a good job of grounding protection, wear safety gloves for the operator, the operator should be behind the helper line, turn off the power requirements, and then Turn, and shall not be single with live turning operations.

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