Ricoh Optics new inorganic material polarizing plate photonic crystal structure heat resistance exceeds 200 degrees

Ricoh Optics new inorganic material polarizer photonic crystal structure heat-resistant over 200 degrees Ricoh Optics uses inorganic materials to develop a polarizer with a heat resistance temperature of up to 200 degrees or more. It was displayed at the "InterOpto06" held by the Convention and Exhibition Center. Mainly for front projection projectors and rear projection projectors. For these applications, resins and plastic polarizers with a heat-resistant temperature of 80 to 90 ° C are generally used. The reason for this development is that the power of the light source is increasing with the increasing size of the painting, and the requirements for high heat resistance polarizing plates are becoming higher and higher. Strive to supply within 2006. In addition to the high heat resistance temperature, another feature is that light that cannot pass through the polarizer will be reflected. In the past, polarizers made of resin usually absorbed light that could not pass through, turning this light into heat. In addition, some polarizing plates that use inorganic materials are designed with metal wires on the glass substrate. Compared with this, the polarizing plates developed this time have higher wear resistance. This time the polarizer uses a photonic crystal structure, alternately laminated SiO2 and Si layers. Photonic crystal is an artificial crystal, which can control the direction and speed of light by selecting the wavelength. For visible light and infrared light, the refractive index can be changed periodically during production. Light with the same wavelength and lattice spacing will not propagate in its periodic direction. The manufacturing technique of photonic crystal uses the "self-cloning method" developed by a research team composed of Emeritus Professor Kawakami Kojimi of Tohoku University and others. Ricoh Optics is responsible for film formation and pattern formation.

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