Quickly shrink pores to solve the problem of coarse blockage

In the summer, sweat invades everyone, causing our sebum secretion to flourish. Coupled with long-term accumulation and poor cleaning, the pores are getting bigger and bigger, and acne, acne and acne are coming on the scene. The following small series recommend the seven methods of shrinking pores.

Quickly shrink pores to solve the problem of coarse blockage

This summer, bid farewell to the pores, showing the summer delicate

method one

Learn to clean pores

Do not clean the pores, especially the pores visible by the naked eye. Before cleaning the pores, you need to steam your face for 3-5 minutes. After the pores are completely opened, you can clean them before they can be opened. You can also use the steam bath to open the pores. This method can not only open the pores, but also promote blood circulation. After the pores are opened, use a mild cleansing mask or an exfoliating mask.

After cleansing the pores, first apply a layer of astringent water to calm the skin, then use the pore firming essence to replenish the skin's collagen, increase the skin's elasticity and moisture, and help weaken the pores. After applying the essence, you need to apply a layer of oil control moisturizing lotion to prevent and improve the large pores. The choice of the lotion product is preferably a component which has the ability to soften the grease and dirt, and can better carry out the sebum oil when the face is cleaned.

Method Two

Use nasal stickers every other week

If the nose has large pores and blackheads, it can be treated with a nasal paste. However, before using the nasal paste, the pores should be opened first, then the deion solution should be used, and then the nasal paste should be attached. This method is better to use once every two weeks, so that the skin can be obtained. A space to relieve the pores from getting bigger and bigger.

Method three


To keep your pores clean, you need to rely on vitamin A for your skin and age. You should not only eat more vitamin A foods, but also use vitamin A-containing skin care products.

Method four

Water retention

Dry skin can also cause problems with rough pores. After each application of the cleansing mask, it is best to apply a moisturizing mask to make the pores more tensioned, and then apply a moisturizing and moisturizing lotion to shrink the pores. The work will be smoother.

Method five

Deep moisturizing

The glycolic acid mask has the effect of quickly removing dead skin and shrinking pores. It is stored on the face for a long time and can enter deep skin for absorption. If it is dry skin, it will be like a mask on the face. Leave on your face for about 1-5 minutes, then wipe off with a clean, damp towel, then rinse with water, and finally apply moisturizer.

Method six


Long-term UV protection is a key step in shrinking pores. Over time, UV light will make the surface of the skin thinner, destroying its collagen and causing the pores to become larger and larger. Therefore, it is very important to develop sunscreen or isolate products every day. .

Method seven

Simple and refreshing maintenance

Complex skin care methods will increase the burden on the skin, cause the growth of acne, easy to redness, suppuration, itching, pain. The product of shrinking pores is best to be simple, the products should be based on refreshing and moisturizing. Just use skin care products that add other complex functions.

Learn to clean your pores, take care of yourself, and say goodbye to the problem of large pores. Even if it is summer, let yourself maintain a fresh and delicate feeling.

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