Photochemical reactor multi-function photochemical reactor

product description:

Photochemical reactor, also known as photochemical reactor, multi-functional photochemical reactor, photocatalytic reactor is mainly used to study whether the gas phase, liquid phase solid phase, flow system under simulated ultraviolet light, simulated visible light, special analog light irradiation, whether it is loaded Photochemical reaction under conditions such as TiO2 photocatalyst. At the same time, our company provides customers with special reaction vessels of fibrous and arranging materials to solve the problem of the placement of unsuitable substances in conventional reaction vessels. The multifunctional photochemical reactor is suitable for research fields such as chemical synthesis, environmental protection and life sciences. The system has unique advantages such as reasonable technology, simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation, protection of the human body, free combination and flexible customization.

Features: 1. The electrical control part of the product is separated from the protection reaction black box. The assembly, maintenance and upgrade are convenient and reasonable, and the whole machine is beautiful!

2, the model of the main control power controller lighting time display flexible control, suitable for timekeeping and data comparison experiments!

3, professional and stable analog light source and stable, space-saving volume design, especially suitable for laboratory equipment with limited space!

4, supporting multi-tube magnetic stirrer reactor function, to make up for the irrational rotation of multiple test tubes around the light source and the poor mechanical performance of multiple test tube rotation, can achieve simultaneous, partial test tube inflation function, multi-tube magnetic stirrer reactor actual Practical value and excellent performance!

5, supporting multi-port magnetic stirring reaction vessel function, can make the reaction process with strong magnetic stirring, aeration, deflation, sealing, temperature measurement and other functions!

6. It is equipped with a solid reaction device, which can perform photocatalytic reaction on solid materials, and high-efficiency concentrating device to increase catalytic speed!

7. This type of photochemical reaction instrument adds a non-experimental automatic shading device, which will block the light source with unstable initial light flashing and phase sampling, which will improve the experimental precision.

8. There is a Water shortage alarm device. When the water supply of the cooling water supply is insufficient or the water leakage seriously affects the safety of the test, an alarm sounds to remind the operator to check the water supply condition in time.

9. It is equipped with a cooling water supply device, and the imported compressor has no fluorine operation, ensuring stable operation of the light source for a long time, and is suitable for continuous operation experiments. The low-temperature cooling water supply device itself is equipped with a silent external circulation pump to provide cooling water circulation supercharging while saving waste of water source.

10. The cooling water supply device adopts touch button control, the interface is generous, no traditional panel instrument has a dull sense of appearance, waterproof and high temperature resistance, and can add USB computer interface and operation software driver according to customer requirements, and the digital operation is superior!

11. Flexible and diversified product design, we can formulate product design plans according to customer requirements, and promote the technology-oriented concept of people!

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