New polymer plastic steel template a green environmental protection technology revolution

New polymer plastic steel template a green environmental protection technology revolution

Green building refers to a new type of building that provides a healthy and comfortable activity space for human beings, while using resources with the highest efficiency, minimally affecting the environment, and living in harmony with nature. In today's rapid economic development, the contradiction between resources, environment, industrialization, urbanization, and rapid economic growth is a serious challenge that all mankind faces. It is urgent to vigorously promote building energy-saving technologies and create green buildings.

Hubei Urban and Rural Construction Co., Ltd., as an outstanding construction enterprise in Hubei Province and a "top ten construction enterprise" in Yichang, has long pursued the concept of "technological development" and has always been at the forefront of peers in research and development of new materials and the promotion and application of building energy-saving technologies. . In 2011, the company successfully introduced the national patent achievement "new polymer plastic steel template" with mature technology, specially built the factory for production, and vigorously promoted the application in construction projects. After a long time of analysis, comparison, running-in and improvement, the current production The plastic steel formwork has high technical content, strong adaptability, many specifications, and stable quality and performance. It has been highly praised by consumers. The buildings built with this product have energy saving, green environmental protection, quality control, cost savings, etc. A big step forward.

According to Zhang Zhoufu, the company's chairman, compared with the traditional steel template and bamboo template, the new polymer plastic steel template is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and low-cost, and can be used repeatedly more than 30 times. "If this template is fully used, a project of 30,000 square meters can save hundreds of thousands of yuan." Chairman Zhang Zhoufu pulled the finger and calculated an account for the author, "According to the current price, the plastic steel formwork is actually transferred once a week at 4.11 yuan per square meter; the bamboo sheet is actually transferred once a week at 5.48 yuan per square meter. , Once a week, if using plastic-steel formwork per square meter is 1.37 yuan less than using bamboo plywood, and it is calculated according to 30 turnovers, the money saved is not a small sum. "

The plastic-steel formwork not only can be turned over many times, but also is very convenient to install and dismantle. The prefabricated pre-formed formwork is delivered to the site, requiring only a few workers to assemble on site. It truly realizes industrialized production and professional construction without any corner waste. "We have calculated for the first time, using plastic steel formwork, only in the installation and dismantling process, compared with the existing formwork system, can save more than 30% of man-hours, only 3 to 4 days a layer, after repeated recycling Save more than 50% of template amortization cost. "

In addition to saving money, the plastic-steel formwork has been proven in the local construction industry by its high technical content and good applicability. The plastic-steel formwork can be cut according to the design size of the wallboard, manufactured by the factory, installed on site, and has no corner waste, basically no waste. The traditional wood plywood is processed on site, which is time-consuming and time-consuming. A large amount of corner waste not only causes waste, but also is not conducive to civilized construction; the plastic steel template has strong adaptability in specifications, large and small, easy to dismantle, and can be sawed and drilled. The flatness and smoothness of the formwork surface exceed the technical requirements of the existing clean concrete formwork. It has the functions of flame retardant, anticorrosion, water resistance and chemical resistance, and has good mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties. It can meet the requirements of various cuboid, cube, L-shaped, U-shaped building component formwork.

The most exciting thing for builders is that the current common wooden formwork has to invest a lot of money at one time, and after a few turnovers, it is basically thrown away as construction waste. And this new type of plastic steel template can be used dozens of times, not to mention, in the end, the enterprise is also responsible for life-long recycling. They believe that this alone can win the widespread favor of builders.

The significant advantages of the product show its vast development space

It is understood that the quality of construction and the quality of building materials are directly related to investment costs, benefits and the sustainable development of enterprises. The traditional steel formwork is not suitable for the requirements of modern buildings due to its bulkiness, easy deformation, large gap between joints and easy leakage, and the weaknesses of the wooden formwork currently used in construction projects are also obvious: first, the square wood specifications The short sections with different lengths need to be sawn before they can be used with the wooden formwork, resulting in high costs; secondly, the wood plywood or bamboo plywood is formed by compressing and bonding multiple layers of thin wood chips, and after several turnovers , Water seepage is easy to crack, and the width of the joint is difficult to ensure. It is easy to cause concrete honeycomb, hemp surface, and slurry leakage, and the use of formaldehyde-containing glue in the production is harmful to the human body. It can only become a pile of garbage after use, which is easy to cause environmental pollution; Thirdly, the short squares after use have little use value and can only be burned. This is undoubtedly a huge waste to China's limited forest resources.

The new plastic-steel formwork has nine advantages: 1. Low cost of use, high turnover times, no less than 30 times on average, and no less than 40 times for wall pillars. 2. The flatness and glossiness are high, exceeding the technical requirements of the existing fair-faced concrete, which is conducive to creating high-quality projects. 3. Light weight, support operation saves labor, no need to apply additional mold release agent, splicing construction is hygienic. 4. The demoulding is simple, safe and easy to clean. 5. The template has high strength, stable size and no deformation, and the flat plate can bear 5T / m2. 6. The temperature adaptation range is large, and the construction can be maintained without deformation under the temperature conditions of minus 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. 7. Strong adaptability of specifications, complete with saw, drill, planer, nail and accessories. 8. Flame-retardant, anti-corrosion, non-absorbent, and the board is tightly spliced. 9. Energy saving and environmental protection, can be recycled and reproduced many times, which is convenient for keeping the site clean and hygienic, and is conducive to creating a civilized construction site.

Based on the above advantages, in recent years, plastic-steel formwork has been widely used in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Hubei, and received rave reviews. It is a general trend for plastic-steel formwork to completely replace the existing traditional bamboo-wood formwork. Another revolution in China's construction formwork industry is coming.

"Plastic-steel formwork has not only achieved good economic benefits but also won a wide range of social benefits through the actual inspection and promotion of the Yichang Peninsula Garden Project," President Zhang said proudly. This project is the site of the construction safety and civilized construction observation in Hubei Province in 2012. The new plastic-steel formwork has become one of the highlights of the exhibition, and has been highly evaluated and affirmed by the leaders, experts and peers of the participating provinces and cities.

Technology and innovation are the means to win the market. As a wonderful work in the field of building energy saving, the new polymer plastic steel template conforms to the trend of the times and meets the requirements of the scientific development concept. Under the careful care of the enterprise society, it will be based on its excellent technical performance , Significant economic benefits, shine in the field of building energy efficiency.

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