Modern minimalist style overall wardrobe point "light" bedroom space

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] [Chinese wardrobe net ] In the warm bedroom, a modern and simple overall wardrobe with a stylish atmosphere is essential. The following small series collects some overall wardrobe design renderings, teach you how to choose the bedroom overall wardrobe, let your bedroom "bright"!

Modern minimalist style overall wardrobe renderings

The corner-shaped wardrobe, the wardrobe can bear the role of the partition wall. If the overall lighting of the room is good, then you can make full use of the space to design the wardrobe into a top-of-the-line style. If there is only one side of the light, it is best to leave room on the closet so that natural light can enter.

Bedroom closet

A fully enclosed cabinet in the cloakroom makes it a place for family to rest in addition to changing clothes. The design with the door does not seem messy.

Modern minimalist style overall wardrobe renderings

In a bedroom with an area of ​​40 square meters, if there are windows around, you can make a wardrobe on the side of the bed as a partition. The wardrobe can be designed with double-sided opening for easy access. Large-area mobile door frames must be stable, and imported branded wardrobes generally have such products.

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