Mastering age-reduction skills and transforming into a small loli

Is it more old-fashioned? Make-up is not only to make you look more beautiful, the most important thing is to show young, mastering age-reduction skills is the makeup secret of many actresses, with a proper makeup, not only can cover the flaws on the face, but also make the whole person Looks younger. Therefore, mastering the correct makeup skills can completely transform the vitality makeup with the effect of “reducing age”, so that you can quickly transform into a small loli. Makeup "Rookie" hurry to learn!

1. Cold treatment of fine lines on the foundation, the key points are brightened.

Use a skin cream to moisturize the skin before applying makeup, and then choose a foundation that is light in texture and perfectly matched in color. Whether it is a liquid foundation, a vermicelli or a powder, it must be thinned around the eyes. If there are fine lines on the forehead, corners of the eyes or at the corners of the mouth, try to avoid these parts when applying foundation.

Brightening under the eyes until the cheekbones and the chin area will make people look younger. After the whole foundation is pushed evenly, use the colored powder cake to gently press on the cheeks, lips and the lower jaw to increase the radiance of the glow, thus showing healthy vitality. Note that the ruddy face is set against a green background, and the pale face and the rounded face can be covered with pink or orange, while the dull face can be added with purple.

2, eyebrows avoid deliberate, natural modification.

It is best to keep the eyebrows in a natural shape. Now the natural rough eyebrows are not only the most IN makeup trend, but also more refreshing and energetic.

Gray or dark brown is a more natural choice of eyebrows, which can bring out the eyes more vividly and make the whole person more energetic. The brown color that echoes the color of the hair will be more lively, while the gray is more dignified. Pay attention to the principle that the brow is thick and the color is light, the eyebrows are thin and the color is slightly deep. After painting the eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil, brush it with a dark brown eye shadow powder, and the effect will be very good.

If the eyebrows are uneven, you can unplug the parts or trim them slightly. But don't just pull it out, otherwise it will make the eyebrows appear stiff, especially the brow is an important part to keep the left and right eyebrows symmetrical. It should be noted that it should not damage the balance of the face.

3, eyes: choose a pretty color, use the eyeliner with caution.

Before painting your eyes, apply a moisturizing eye cream to make the skin of your eyes smoother, which can effectively prevent eye shadow or eye shadow powder from clumping in fine wrinkles.

The natural color series of eye shadows are the easiest to ignore wrinkles, the better choice is light brown, taupe. In addition, green, blue and other colors will make the makeup look more lively.

Applying mascara is an essential step in making your eyes shine. Try sea blue mascara to make the whitening whiter. If you want to make your eyes more radiant, you can apply some mascara to the outside of the upper eyelashes 1/4.

4. Determine the area of ​​the cheeks on the cheeks and swipe the bright colors.

Use a pink or orange-red blush, and use a round brush to gently circle the cheekbones to create a youthful and cute look.

Sweeping the blush near the nose is also a trick to make the makeup look younger. If the skin is dry or slack, blush is best used in oily rather than silty to avoid excessive absorption of oil and moisture from the skin.

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