Mahogany wardrobe maintenance Raiders perfect home personality home

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] mahogany wardrobe is expensive and difficult to care for. If you have a mahogany wardrobe in your home, how do you know how to maintain it in different seasons?

Mahogany wardrobe

Mahogany wardrobe maintenance Raiders perfect home personality home

Mahogany wardrobe maintenance strategy


In the north, spring is the most suitable season for mahogany wardrobe maintenance. It is the best season for “sizing” (pasting) of wardrobes. It can be said that maintenance is not excessive.

Hot wax once. In the spring, you can use beeswax to wax and carry out a full maintenance. It is not recommended to use walnut oil to maintain the mahogany wardrobe. See the book on Purchasing and Maintenance for beeswax and walnut oil. Use and stroke regularly. Use a clean soft cotton cloth when wiping, and wipe it gently after dusting off the surface of the wardrobe.


The summer in the north is moist and humid, prone to mildew, and moisture is very important. It is a maintenance of mahogany wardrobes. Never use a damp cloth to wipe the closet and prevent the surface of the closet from getting wet. Place the use must be square. The direction of the force of the legs and legs is the same as the gravity. Do not tilt. Use the foot pads to adjust. The doors and drawers of the closet should be protected from deformation caused by the pressing of clothes and the like. Also avoid using a glass plate to cover the table top.


The autumn in the north is high and cool, and it is the best season for the maintenance of mahogany wardrobes. The maintenance method is basically the same as that in spring. The wax is used once and the "soft and hard" method is often used to wipe the wardrobe.


The winter in the north is the driest. It can be said that the "Ghost Gate" of the mahogany wardrobe is the most taboo season, especially nowadays it is more residential and the dry climate is dry.

Do not burn wax. Newly bought wardrobes this season are not suitable for hot waxing.

Walnut oil can be used to maintain the wardrobe. You can simply wipe the wax (solve the beeswax with a solvent, or melt it moderately), especially the back of the wardrobe. Note that the amount is small, the number of times is small, only the back and bottom of the closet are rubbed, and the front side is not rubbed, and the moisture of the closet is appropriately closed. Also pay attention to humidification. In the case of room conditions, you can often use a wet mop to wipe the floor, increase the humidity, you can also use a humidifier to humidify, but pay attention to the time when the double workers go to work.

Introduce an effective wardrobe humidification method. The four feet of the leg of the wardrobe can be wrapped with plastic cloth, and a piece of absorbent sponge or foam is placed in the plastic cloth to replenish the wardrobe. This method is superior to the method of placing a fish tank or a water basin beside the closet. The mahogany wardrobe must be kept away from heat sources (heating or hot air outlets).

It can be said that the spring and autumn seasons are the best season for the maintenance of mahogany wardrobes in the north, and for the two levels of mahogany wardrobes, dehumidification should be paid in the summer and humidification in the winter.

The maintenance methods all year round are here, and the maintenance will definitely extend the service life of the mahogany wardrobe.

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