Knowledge of edge banding required to understand the overall wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] For consumers who are ready to buy the whole wardrobe , they need to know the installation knowledge of the whole wardrobe edge banding. The installation of the edge band helps consumers to choose the wardrobe:

1. The wooden edge banding is mainly suitable for the paste and decoration of the edge of the solid wood furniture board. It can only be done by hand sticking in operation. The glue to which the wood edge banding is applied is a water-soluble glue or a strong glue. When the paste is flat, the edge is flat, and there is no specific requirement at ambient temperature. Since wood is a hygroscopic material, its moisture content will be affected by external temperature and humidity. Therefore, the choice of cement should be based on seasonal changes and moisture diffusion and penetration requirements. Only by mastering the choice of the type of glue can the edge band and the board pass through the penetration of the wood fiber to form a good "rivet fixing effect" of the glue. In addition, furniture decorated with wooden edge strips must be painted with a surface paint.

2, PVC edge banding is mainly suitable for the edge of the micro-plate, MDF, blockboard, plywood, solid wood edge can also be. It can be done by hand-paste and mechanical-paste when it is practical, but it is mainly based on mechanical paste, which can improve work efficiency. The glue to which the PVC edge banding is applied is a universal glue, a hot melt adhesive, and a white latex, but a hot melt adhesive is preferred. In the pasting, the PVC edge banding is firmly adhered to the surface of the wooden board by mechanical interlocking, physical attraction and chemical bonding. Therefore, the flatness of the edge of the substrate is required to be high when the paste is applied, and the general tolerance is not more than 0.1 mm. The ambient temperature for temperature and paste work should be 18 °C. The curing time of hot melt adhesive is generally 30 minutes, but the choice of low temperature adhesive or high temperature adhesive is determined according to the thickness of the edge strip.

3. The applicable range of melamine edge banding is basically similar to that of PVC edge banding. However, it is best to seal the fireproof board. Hand-operated and mechanical edge-sealing in operation; the requirements for hot-melt adhesive, universal adhesive, white latex and other adhesives are not high; use flat and roll-on stickers to choose any glue in the market; use hot melt adhesive as glue The mixture is controlled at a temperature of 120 ° C to 160 ° C, a pressure of 4-6/2, a curing time of 20 to 50 seconds, and an ambient temperature of 15 ° C during indoor bonding. In view of the fact that the permeability of the melamine edge band to the hot melt adhesive and the universal adhesive is stronger than that of the PVC, the adhesive coating is reduced when the sheet is pasted, and is generally controlled within the range of 6-8 g/linear meter. In the mechanical edge sealing, the visual effect is that the rubber layer is evenly coated and the netting is clear; the running speed of the mechanical coating is 30-50 m/min, and the edge-sealing running speed is the fastest when various edge bandings are used for edge sealing. This can not only ensure the quality of the paste, but also improve the work efficiency.

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