Japan has developed a new "laser" that does not use light

The research team led by Professor Kimoto Yamamoto of the National Institute of Informatics in Japan successfully developed a new type of "laser" that does not use light. The research team replaced the light waves with the "excited particles" that attracted and competed with each other, and generated "lasers" through the action of the particles. The power required by the new "laser" is less than one percent of that of conventional lasers. This new type of "laser" can be used as a medium for information transfer in large-scale integrated circuits (LSIs). The power consumption of large-scale integrated circuits using this "laser" medium can be made very small. The research results were published in the British "Nature" scientific journal.

"Excitation particles" are produced and exist in semiconductors, weigh only one thousandth of hydrogen atoms, and have the properties of waves. Yamamoto's research team irradiated the semiconductor with an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of 800 nanometers and found that it can be closely combined with "excitation particles" and the weight can be changed to less than 1 / 10,000 of the ordinary "excitation particles". In the specially constructed semiconductor terminals, the research team resonated electromagnetic waves with "excited particles" to produce a new type of "laser".

At present, the electrons in the metal wiring of the large-scale integrated circuit assume the function of signal transmission. In order to reduce power consumption, many countries are advancing research on the use of lasers instead of electrons for signal transmission. This time, the new "laser" developed by the National Institute of Informatics in Japan is a more cutting-edge technology, which explores a new path for the signal transmission of integrated circuits and has important significance for the future energy saving of electronic equipment.

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