IP56 test of dust test machine

Abstract: The dustproof testing machine is suitable for testing the sealing performance of the shell of the product, and is mainly used for the IP5X and IP6X tests specified in the shell protection level standard.

The dust-proof testing machine is made of high-quality materials, processed and formed using the most advanced processing equipment in China, and the surface of the shell is sprayed. The liner is designed to be a closed space at work, where samples can be placed for shell sealing test. It is made of imported high-quality stainless steel plates. The indoor sample rack and other accessories are made of stainless steel.

The dust-proof testing machine has a vertical circulating air flow with dust, and the test dust can be recycled; the bottom of the equipment has a dust-replaceable device, and the base is equipped with four movable casters, which is easy to move; Needed; the device itself has good sealing performance, and the condition of the indoor test can be clearly observed during the test.

The dust-proof testing machine is more practical and easy to control on the basis of meeting the national standards and stable performance in all aspects. In addition, the equipment has the characteristics of easy installation, simple operation, and basically no daily maintenance.

IP lamp dust test machine grade test equipment according to national standards GBT 10485-2007, GB 2423.37-2006 test L: sand and dust test La2 GB 4208-93 enclosure protection level (IP code)

GB 7000.1-1996, GB 7001-1986 lamp housing protection level, and a series of related housing protection level standards have been developed, with reasonable design, simple operation, easy maintenance, and all indicators are in line with national standards.

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