Intelligent control of temperature shock test chamber

From the current situation, the intelligent control room is now the most popular control system. Intelligent control technology includes human-like feature extraction technology, target automation identification technology, knowledge self-learning technology, environment adaptive technology, and optimal decision-making technology. Wait.

After continuous innovation, research and reform, the modern temperature shock test chamber faces everyone with the latest and highest-grade intelligent control. The intelligent control includes various best ways to monitor intelligent tools, equipment and systems to achieve the set goals The technology is directly related to the benefit of the measurement and control system, and is the key to the development of information technology to knowledge economy technology. Intelligent control technology can be said to be the most important and critical software resource in the measurement and control system.

The most important part is the instrument control display part of the test chamber. It uses an open control system and advanced control technology based on programmable control, special measurement and control equipment and measurement and control technology, and a set of integrated system technology. The operation is simple, fast, and Convenience.

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