Inspiration for Excellence: Imaje STERIFILL F2000 Super High Speed ​​Filling and Packing Machine

The filling equipment of the new STERIFILL series further consolidates the position of IMA in the field of aseptic filling and brings the latest technology to our customers. The recently introduced STERIFILL F2000 continuous high-speed filling and stoppering machine ensures the production of a sterile environment at high speeds. The device can fill 0.25ml to 500ml of liquid into glass or plastic bottles and complete the process of half or full stopper on the same machine. The production speed can reach 600 bottles/minute. The stoppering station is a rotary design and can be configured with up to 24 vacuum power heads to complete the high-speed stopper.

Depending on the type of filling product, STERIFILL F2000 is equipped with a variety of filling systems. All of these filling systems ensure highly accurate filling and repeatability. At present, up to 12 volumetric filling pumps can be configured on the F2000. Each filling pump is individually controlled by a brushless motor to accurately measure and adjust the filling volume.

In addition, the STERIFILL F2000 filling and stoppering machine also has the following features:

1. The F2000 has high-precision ergonomic design and meets the strictest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification.
2. Unique ergonomics and modular design features are very popular with users. The machine can be operated in a controlled environment (class 100) or externally isolated.
3. The compact construction of the machine operating unit is also particularly noteworthy, and the most stringent leak test guarantees excellent sealing.

Founded in 1961, IMA is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of automated equipment. The equipment it produces can be used in the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, tea and coffee. Many pharmaceutical companies consider IMA to be a partner worthy of cooperation. The filling equipment they provide is the result of many years of experience in the field of filling.

Children'S Toothbrush

Our company produces a variety of children's Toothbrush, about 20 different cartoon shape handles, suitable for children of different ages.

The main function is to clean and protect the children's teeth, the characteristic is to brush the head is small, the modelling cartoon. Brush handle USES environmental protection grade material, can contact food and mouth directly, without any harmful material release, more healthy and safe. The bristles of a child's toothbrush are both soft and super soft, which makes it easier to remove things from the teeth. Use a child's toothbrush: master the time and frequency of brushing, use toothpaste in moderation, and avoid swallowing, brushing, and toothpaste.

Child Toothbrush

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