How to vacuum the high and low temperature test chamber refrigeration system

Whether the vacuum is thorough or not is also an important reason that directly affects the cooling effect of the high and low temperature test chamber and the occurrence of ice blockage. In order to prevent ice blockage or dirty blockage, new filters must be replaced during the maintenance process for high and low temperature test chambers that have been used for many years to enhance the adsorption capacity for moisture. The vacuuming is preferably carried out by vacuuming on both sides, that is, simultaneously drawing the vacuum at both the extraction tube and the filling tube of the filter (three-pass filter). Some high and low temperature test chambers generate internal leakage and are not repaired in time, which will accumulate a large amount of water vapor inside the system and water droplets appear at the bottom of the compressor. It is difficult to remove the water droplets from the outside of the system when vacuuming. In this regard, the torch flame should be heated toward the bottom of the compressor during vacuuming, so that the bottom water droplets are evaporated and then taken out of the system.

After the vacuum is exhausted, the machine is turned on, and a small amount of refrigerant is added to the system. After the operation is stopped for about 20 minutes, and then vacuum is applied until no gas is discharged, the rated amount of refrigerant can be officially injected.

To check whether the vacuum of the high and low temperature test chamber is good, it can be discriminated by a simple method: after adding the refrigerant, start the machine for 10~20 minutes, touch the condenser by hand. If the upper part is hot, the lower part is cool, indicating that the vacuum is not complete. If the upper and lower parts are hot, and the temperature difference is not large, the vacuum is good, and the cooling effect is also good. The vacuuming time is generally not less than one hour.

Seriously do the above, the repair rate of high and low temperature test chambers will inevitably be greatly reduced.

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