How is the price of Plome shower?

With internationally renowned brands into the shower, many partners have begun to focus on these brands, these brands in the United States and shower Bullock has become one of many consumers to buy the brand, but for the United States and how to shower and Bullock & P Lemei shower prices may not know much. Let's take a look at how the PREMIUM showers and the prices of PREMIUM showers follow for editors' reference.

Introduction to the official website

Promi, specializing in the research, development and production of sanitary hardware products such as stainless steel sinks, faucets and showers. The product is made of 304 stainless steel as the main material. It has the advantages of durability, safety and health, energy saving and environmental protection, and easy maintenance. It has become a new generation of bathroom products. New direction of development!

Promi products perfectly interpret the brand concept of people first, water as the source, and the pursuit of harmony between man and nature. Bring health, happiness and beautiful life enjoyment to users.

What is the product advantage of Preme shower

1. 304 stainless steel is healthy, environmentally friendly, low carbon, durable, strong metal texture, high-end beautiful.

2. It is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, the surface and inner wall materials are the same, and the stainless steel faucet does not require electroplating.

3. The surface is bright for a short period of time due to electroplating. After a long time, the chrome plating layer is easy to fall off and rust, the inside is uneven, and it is easy to hide the dirt.

How to save energy and protect the environment

In terms of energy saving and environmental protection, Premi Faucet adopts the original soft silk surface treatment technology, without electroplating, to avoid polluting water resources and causing unnecessary harm to the environment. The Plome faucet has the same appearance and the inner wall is smooth and does not rust, which makes the water quality clean for a long time. Not only that, Promi also uses bubblers of internationally renowned brands, which can effectively filter the debris in the water and prevent the water from splashing, which not only meets the cleaning, but also saves more water.

Netizens' comments on how to play

Netizen 1: The materials are genuine, the style is very good, and it is very practical! It just happened that the promotion caught up with the discount, and the price-performance ratio was great! !

Netizen 2: Good stuff, a little expensive, I believe in the brand.

Netizen 3: The quality is very good and the workmanship is very fine. After using it deliberately, it feels good.

Netizen 4: The big brand can trust it. The one I ordered before is out of stock. The merchant is afraid that I will ask for my opinion and change to another one. I prefer it. The appearance of the packaged goods is a little flawed, and the overall quality is very good.

Netizen 5: Buying at the event is very cost-effective, product quality is good, very heavy.

How about the price of Premi shower

1. Preme stainless steel shower set can be raised and lowered, pressurized shower, water-saving rain shower HGP1003 Reference price: ¥ 899.00

2. Plome 304 stainless steel shower set hand-held shower wall-mounted bathtub shower 70602 Reference price: ¥ 659.00

3, Plome imported 304 stainless steel shower set shower can be raised and lowered with PF2172 reference price: ¥ 1739.00 4. Plome imported 304 stainless steel constant temperature shower set ultra-thin round top spray + handheld PSGHWF08 reference price: ¥ 3369.005 Premi 304 stainless steel shower set split type pressurized shower ultra-thin top spray RM2366 Reference price: ¥ 1199.00

Editor's summary: I believe everyone seems to have the above introduction to the editor's account. How should the price of the PREMIER shower and the price of the PREMIER shower be understood? I hope that the editor will explain to you the purchase of the PREMIER shower today. Sometimes it helps. If you want to know more, you can follow the information on this website.

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