How about the ozone disinfection cabinet? Is the ozone disinfection cabinet harmful to the human body?

Everyone is no stranger to the disinfection cabinet. Most of the restaurants have disinfection cabinets, but they have not been fully popularized in the family, so everyone is not completely familiar with the disinfection cabinet. What we are talking about today is the ozone disinfection cabinet . Some people will ask if the ozone disinfection cabinet is harmful to the human body ? Now the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will briefly introduce how the ozone disinfection cabinet.


Ozone disinfection cabinet, as its name suggests, is used for anti-virus cleaning, so its biggest feature is this aspect, which can form a layer of barrier for our healthy life.

How about ozone disinfection cabinet? Is the ozone disinfection cabinet harmful to the human body?

1. In fact, the ozone disinfection cabinet uses the strong oxidizing property of ozone to carry out antivirus. Ozone is a blue-colored explosive gas at normal temperature. It has a special odor and is one of the strongest known oxidants. It is a spectral fungicide. However, ozone leakage can endanger our health, and the allowable threshold in the air at the job site is 0.2mg/m3. Therefore, the ozone disinfection cabinet needs to maintain the concentration of ozone in the cabinet to ensure the disinfection effect while ensuring that the ozone does not leak.

2. The raw material of the ozone disinfection cabinet is pure water, so the ozone concentration is high and purer, and there is no nitrogen oxide compound than the air source. Moreover, the ozone water concentration is high.

3, the design is not negligible, and most of the ozone disinfection cabinets are designed with stainless steel. The simplicity reveals a fashionable and generous, and it will not appear very awkward at home.

4. Appropriate ozone has no effect on the body. It has a purifying effect on the air and can kill pathogenic bacteria in the air. However, if the ozone concentration is high, it will affect the body. As long as people do not feel uncomfortable, it will not affect. of.


5, For our safety and product safety, we must not only regularly clean it, but also regularly check the sealing of the product, whether there is ozone escape, and if there is such a problem, it will affect the disinfection effect, but Products can not be used, or directly scrapped, so we must pay attention to this in this regard!

The above is about the ozone disinfection cabinet related introduction, we can simply refer to it, I hope to bring some help to your purchase, more decoration materials knowledge, please pay attention to the decoration home decoration network material selection manual column!

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