Hovotec video glasses video collection - give you the most realistic first perspective

The best magical record of outdoor sports, Hovotec camera glasses, gives you the most realistic first view. Hovotec X1 product introduction Currently on the market are mainly gopro shooting equipment, aerial photography based aircraft, gopro can be placed anywhere for shooting, aerial photography can play its advantages in the air, then what is the advantage of this glasses camera today? First of all, it also has a first perspective like the gopro.

Official Product Information Brand Model: Hovotec X1
HD Video: H.264, 720P, 30-frame HD Camera Lens Category: High-quality Polaroid Polarized Mirror Frame Material: Swiss Native High End Frame Material Storage: 32GB
Battery capacity: 400-430mah lithium polymer battery video anti-shake: support
USB charging: Support one button control: Support Product Origin: Shanghai Glasses Volume:45g
Tag price: 999.00
Standard accessories: packing box, glasses box, USB cable, colorful lenses, product manual, warranty card

8QT Ice Bucket

8QT Ice Bucket:

We have provided custom beer kegs for Coca-Cola, Corona, Carlsberg, etc. The sizes of the ice buckets are 5QT, 7.5QT, 10QT and 15QT and so on. The round ice buckets are small and portable, with various types of handles and bottle openers, and simple operation.

Description of the 8QT ice bucket:

Name:8QT ice bucket


Material: galvanized iron

Note: can hold 8 beer bottles of 355ml

Fields of applications: bar, party, hotel, home, outdoor activity

8QT Ice bucket

various types of handles and bottle openers

ice bucket and tin tray

1.Are you factory ?

Yes. A professional ice bucket and Tin Tray manufacture.

2.Are your products the lowest prices ?

EXW, the same quality, we are much cheaper than other suppliers.

3.Can we customized product ?

Yes, Tailor-made tooling for your own design is welcome.

4.What is the transportation ?

If small quantity, we suggest that sent by Courier, If large amount, by shipping.

5.If goods are damaged in transit, how to do ?

Products are inspected strictly before shipping, if damage, they can be replaced .

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