Home improvement five suggestions are very practical

Recommendation 1: Home improvement should not be perfect . Due to the defects of the building itself, the amount of investment and the level of construction , it is impossible to achieve perfection in any home decoration. Consumers want to make the house completely satisfactory, so they are very picky when choosing a decoration company . Some construction units also deliberately put the plan on the wrong place, and introduce the owner into the misunderstanding, but actually made the home improvement project. It is not ideal.

Recommendation 2: Home improvement does not find irregular troops. Many consumers find home-made "guerrillas" for the cheaper maps. The construction level, design, quotation, and materials are all varied. The more construction teams you find, the easier it is to disrupt your plans. Generally speaking, if you find two or three mid-range decoration companies, after a negotiation, you will get a satisfactory result.

Proposal 3: Indiscriminate search for a staff member. The complexity of home improvement far exceeds that of public clothing. If consumers look for insiders as consultants from the beginning of the design, it is a good idea that two people can complement each other. However, if there is a period of time after starting work, and then find a so-called expert, he does not know about the contract, budget, and plan. If he is irresponsibly chaotic, there will be contradictions, but he will chaos his own size.

Recommendation 4: Construction should avoid frequent changes. Some consumers are not comprehensive because of the pre-planning of the home improvement, the idea is every day, and the program changes every day. If the work is lost or the materials are required, the construction team will have to be demolished every day. Therefore, the program change is best before the implementation of the program.

Recommendation 5: Do not pursue construction speed. The construction site of the home improvement is small, the artificial tools cannot be fully deployed, the connection of each process is difficult, and the material reserve cannot be carried out, and the construction progress is relatively slow. In addition, each process has an effective basic cycle period. If the progress is overemphasized, it will inevitably lead to a decline in construction quality.

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