Home after-sales service is a problem

Have you ever had such an experience, after ordering a piece of furniture, you found that the color is far from the sample; if you want to return it, you can't retreat; the furniture has passed the warranty period, you don't know who to look for, and the repair price is very high.

Our reporter visited Futian, Luohu and other home stores and found that many furniture installation, return, maintenance and other services can not keep up, consumers feel helpless.

Home installation

Additional service charge

Purchased home, home appliances, sellers promised to door-to-door, installation, is a good thing for consumers, can reduce a lot of trouble. It is understandable to install the door and charge the fee according to the service content. However, most sellers have not explicitly informed it beforehand, which has caused many consumers to be “very hurt”.

Mr. Yang, a member of the public, encountered an annoyance. After comparing performance and price, Mr. Yang purchased a water heater, and the merchant promised to deliver the goods to the next day and provide installation services. The next day, after the staff sent the water heater, Mr. Yang discovered that not only the installation cost but also the materials were charged separately. All the expenses were calculated and the price was not cheap.

It is not uncommon to have an experience like Mr. Yang. The reporter recently visited a number of shopping malls and found that many merchants did not inform consumers in advance of the installation cost when they provided the installation service. When the consumer asked, many merchants would not directly give the specific installation cost price, but instead It doesn’t cost much,” “very cheap,” and so on.

The sales staff of a store bluntly said that the home war is getting worse. If the installation cost is directly included in the sales price, the price of the home will look higher than similar products. "In this way, our products will not sell well. Now everyone Do it all."

Industry insiders reminded that when purchasing home products, you must ask for information on the use of the goods, prices, charges, the name and address of the after-sales service unit, and keep a written certificate.

Not every product

Have after sales service

Compared with the installation, after-sales is a more concerned part of the consumer. The reporter visited and found that many home products lacked after-sales links, so that consumers have nowhere to turn for help; while homes as large-sized products, the service life is often longer, but the warranty period and maintenance period are relatively short.

In the after-sales aspect, taking a larger cabinet as an example, many consumers have encountered difficulties. The countertops of the cabinets are mainly made of artificial stone. During the warranty period, the manufacturer generally provides maintenance services for consumers. However, once the warranty period is exceeded, it is difficult to obtain support from the manufacturer even if it is required to be repaired by the manufacturer. In this regard, many kitchen and bathroom products sales staff in Luohu admitted that many cabinet manufacturers do not produce countertops. After the reporter went to the building materials city, I found that although there are many types of artificial stone countertops, most of them have no brands, and there is no product certification or environmental protection test certificate.

Compared with cabinet furniture, artificial stone countertops are difficult to maintain, and mahogany furniture lacks basic maintenance services. Because of its characteristics, mahogany furniture has become an important part of after-sales maintenance, and it also has certain professionalism. However, when the reporter visited a number of mahogany furniture stores, most of the store sales staff said that they can only provide one-year "three guarantees" service. If the "three guarantees" period is exceeded, they need to provide "paid services".

Repeated maintenance

Consumers are "injured"

Compared with the lack of after-sales, many merchants are “very hurt” even if they can provide a complete after-sales service. Mr. Ma bought a washing machine before, spent about a thousand dollars, and spent a few years on the warranty period. Some time ago, the customer service called Mr. Ma and asked if he needed an extension.

"The after-sales service is not bad. I have called for so long." Although Mr. Ma’s washing machine can still be used normally, he still asked for the extended warranty fee. "The result tells me that it costs hundreds of yuan. This washing machine can't be worth so much now. Money."

Mr. Liu bought a gas stove of a certain brand before, and soon passed the warranty period. However, the merchant promises to provide repair services by paying the relevant fees. Thinking of the repair service provided by the manufacturer, the credibility should be trustworthy, Mr. Liu has been looking for manufacturers.

But after one year, Mr. Liu felt very "injured." After the warranty period, the product has been in the process of repeated maintenance, and has been repaired more than three times in the past year. For each repair, in addition to the door-to-door service fee, you also need to pay maintenance costs and materials costs. Each time you need tens of dollars in maintenance costs. "When you bought it, this gas stove would cost a few hundred dollars."

Many sales companies are also suffering. A home store salesperson said that the current home competition is fierce, and the net profit is not high. "If you spend too much on the sale, it will be very bad. If consumers are afraid of repeated maintenance, they will try to choose a brand that is guaranteed and well-made. Home and home appliances."


Online shopping

Pay attention to after sales

With the continuous development of the e-commerce platform, home furnishing brands are also unwilling to be lonely, and have opened up online sales channels, ranging from fragmented home accessories to children's beds, sofas and wardrobes. Compared with the price discount of two to 30% in physical stores, online shopping attracts more consumers.

The reporter's investigation found that compared to physical stores, online store products are not good after sale. Industry insiders reminded that online shopping home, must pay attention to whether it has a complete after-sales service, otherwise the goods are not on the board, want to return can not be returned, and no maintenance, it is not worth the candle. In addition, toilets, ceramic tiles and furniture containing glass are often damaged due to the difficulty of transportation, but merchants often declare that they are not responsible for this. Therefore, when purchasing such furniture products, unless the merchant can provide transportation guarantee, Try to go to the store to buy.

Ms. Li, the citizen, spoke on the Internet about her experience in buying furniture online. She had previously purchased a solid wood bed on the Internet. The merchant also promised to build pure solid wood, and the price was several hundred yuan cheaper than the physical store. Ms. Li did not hesitate to take the product. A few days later, Ms. Li, who received the product, was stupid. Although it was a solid wood bed, except for some materials, other materials were lower than the one promised by the merchant. Ms. Li and the merchants negotiated, but the merchant said that if the return, Ms. Li must bear all the logistics costs, "think of the return is more loss, can only helplessly accept."

Compared with Ms. Li’s experience, Mr. Huang’s experience is more typical. Mr. Huang bought a solid wood bed online. After the bed was sent, Mr. Huang found that he had to install it himself. Mr. Huang wondered that the physical stores were all installed at home, why the online shopping bed should be installed by himself. When I called the merchant, I was told that the store was far away from another city, and Mr. Huang had to give up. Unexpectedly, the quality problem of the bed appeared a few months later, and the maintenance was naturally not available. Mr. Huang had to pay for his own repairs.

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