High heel controlled foot care steps

High heel controlled foot care steps
High heel controlled foot care steps

High-heeled shoes not only look good, but also wear them to make girls look particularly temperament. But for a long time, the heels and the soles of the feet were full of scars and black and dirty. So how do you show your good-looking feet in the summer? Let’s take a look at the high-heeled foot care steps that Xiaobian brings!

Step 1: Soaking in hot water to soften keratin

Soak your feet in hot water of about 40 degrees. Add sea salt, lemon essential oil, tea tree oil or milk to the water to soften the horny skin of the heel.

Step 2: Scrub peeling keratin

If you have a useful facial or body scrub, you can use it to exfoliate your feet. Apply the scrub to the thicker part of the foot and massage the horny in the form of a circle.

Step 3: Remove the keratin with a trowel

The keratin is removed with a file, and the scalpel is slowly rotated in a rotating manner for the ankle, the large part of the sole, or the joint of the toe, so that the keratin is naturally removed. Use pumice stone or foot stone to rub the skin in the water.

Foot beeswax whitening

Step 4: Foot beeswax whitening

Moisturize, moisturize and whiten the special peach honey wax. After the beeswax covers the feet, wrap the soles with plastic wrap and keep the heat for about 10-15 minutes to remove the beeswax.

Step 5: Put on a nourishing little coat

After the keratin is finished, the feet are easily dried. At this time, you can use a body lotion or a cream that is not used to put a nourishing coat on your foot. Apply some moisturizer to the dry areas such as the ankles and the feet. The feet can be as white as the hands.

Step 6: Relax your feet with your feet

After applying the lotion, when the foot is still wet, massage from bottom to top in turn, remember to strengthen the calf, can prevent varicose veins and edema. Strengthening the 4 fingers above the medial ankle bone of the acupoints of Sanyinjiao is beneficial to female physiological functions.

Step 7: Wrap up in plastic wrap and sleep

After the massage is completed, take a large amount of Vaseline to spread the whole foot, and then wrap it around for 10-15 minutes with a wrap film. After a good night's sleep, you will have a soft and beautiful foot on the next day. >>> Learn the foot care skills and put on your crystal shoes

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