Fully automatic insertion force testing machine features, maintenance and maintenance

Fully automatic insertion force testing machine features:

The fully automatic insertion force testing machine is suitable for the insertion force and pull-out force test of various connectors and other products. At the same time, it solves the fixture problems of various connector tests, and the male and female connectors can be automatically aligned during the test. Eat a unilateral problem. This machine is equipped with a patented automatic centering device, which will provide a completely accurate insertion force test. It can be easily and conveniently operated with Windows and Windows Chinese screen settings, and all data can be stored.

Automatic insertion force testing machine maintenance and maintenance:

How to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance of the automatic insertion force testing machine is related to the use rate of the instrument, which is related to the qualification rate of the product. Therefore, as the user of the instrument, the general knowledge of the maintenance of the fully automatic insertion force testing machine should be understood. Master the basic skills of maintenance and maintenance.

Once the insertion force tester absorbs dust and dirt, it not only affects the performance of the insertion force tester, shortens the service life, but also affects the appearance. The instrument will be dust and dirt during use or storage, so as to prevent dust and dirt. Mainly, frequent dust removal is an important part of the maintenance and maintenance of fully automatic insertion force testing machines.

Most of the dust is tiny dust particles with a small amount of static electricity. It often floats in the air and moves with the airflow. The object adheres to it and is almost impervious. The dust adheres to the edge of the model and affects its color. The moving parts are dusty. It will increase wear and tear, and there will be dust on the electrical appliance. In severe cases, it will cause short circuit, electric leakage, dust on valuable instruments, and serious equipment will be scrapped.

There are many ways to remove dust from the automatic insertion force tester, mainly depending on the condition of the dust-attached surface and the degree of dust adhesion. In dry air, if there is less dust or the dust has not been wetted, it is used. Dust cloth, dust-free paper, a small amount of lubrication, cleaning or blowing with a steam gun, brush and other methods can be used. The internal force of the insertion and extraction test machine is to avoid damage to the instrument.

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