Fresh French two-door wardrobe display storage

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Children will change their aesthetics as they grow older. For example, they will choose their own clothing. They prefer to show their own spoils and the most beautiful side. The bedroom wardrobe is their secret weapon. The model can accommodate a wardrobe that can be displayed, which is best for you.

Youth wardrobe design

Brand : Ximengbao double door wardrobe

Applicable people : teenagers

Color : white

Main material : pine wood

Auxiliary material : E1 grade environmental high density board

Size : 1168mm*550*2000mm

Warm and ivory white, the lines are simple and smooth, and the structure is simple. The design is powerful, scientific and humanized, and the space is separated. The layers and drawers are added between the two doors, which is practical.

Bedroom wardrobe design

1. Crystal style handle, make the overall shape more flexible.

2. Add layers and drawers in the two doors, which is multi-functional and practical.

3. The base of the thing is stable and durable, showing the texture of solid wood.

French two-door wardrobe

The styling design is powerful, giving more choices and display space for young people who love shopping. The overall shape of the belt style French style is small and fresh, romantic and fashionable, versatile and durable, solid and durable.

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