Five points for choosing children's furniture

Safety First children are still in the stage of growth and development. Most of them are “brave adventurers”, so for them to buy furniture, safety is the first factor to consider. Grimm fairy tale furniture fairy tale sharing

Children's furniture lines should be smooth and smooth, with smooth switches and delicate surface treatment. Furniture with sharp corners and hard, rough surfaces should be kept away from children to prevent children from being scratched or damaged. When you buy children's furniture, shake it a few times. Those structures that are loose and feel rickety are not necessary.
Materials and processes At present, the materials used for children's furniture are relatively rich, such as wood, wood-based panels, plastics, etc. These materials have their own characteristics, and can be the best choice under the premise of ensuring sturdiness and practicality. Specifically, it requires no odor. The surface coating of furniture should have the characteristics of no fading and no scratching. Choose furniture with plastic veneers or other non-hazardous coatings.
0 to 7 years old is the peak period of children's creativity development. The choice of bold and bright furniture colors can stimulate their curiosity and attention, and cultivate children's sensitivity to color. Excessively deep furniture, or old, lacking color furniture is best not used. Experiments have shown that children with a more introverted and weaker character should use furniture with strong contrasting colors; children with more violent personality should use furniture with soft lines and elegant colors.
Modeling preschoolers are eager to learn about and approach nature, and are interested in vivid things. The cute little animal shapes, colorful squares, triangles, spheres and other geometric shapes meet the psychological characteristics of preschool children. For them to buy furniture, it is advisable to choose furniture with vivid and lively lines, simple lines and game features.
The size of the children's furniture, it is best to choose those based on ergonomics. The size of the furniture should match the height of the human body. In addition, it is also necessary to combine the age and body type of the child so that the child feels comfortable and is beneficial to their healthy growth. Children's tables and chairs purchased are preferably capable of being adjusted according to changes in height.
If it is a small children's room, you can choose some versatile furniture, such as a combination of bed, writing desk and wardrobe, which can save a lot of space.

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