Fengyun No.3 data preprocessing system software project passed acceptance

On November 15th, the National Satellite Meteorological Center of the China Meteorological Administration organized the acceptance review meeting of the data preprocessing system / product generation system business application software development project of the second phase of the Fengyun 3 ground application system in Beijing.

The review team successively heard the technical summary report and development summary report of the system made by the project undertaking unit Aerospace Stellar Technology Co., Ltd., the test report made by the test group, and the data review report made by the data review group and the user use of the operation control system. The opinion, after discussion, believes that the project has completed all the development content specified in the contract and the mission statement, the system's functions and performance meet the requirements of the mission statement, the software runs stably and reliably, and the documents and materials are complete and standardized, which meets the acceptance requirements. Experts of the assessment team unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance.

Fengyun-3 meteorological satellite ground application system is a real-time, high-efficiency, multi-functional remote sensing satellite data processing business operation system, which mainly completes the data reception, transmission, preprocessing and product generation of Fengyun-3 B satellite and foreign remote sensing satellites in the same period. , Data archiving and product distribution, calibration and truth value verification, remote sensing applications and demonstrations, and other business processing tasks, providing satellite remote sensing data products and services on images, physical parameters of the atmosphere, land, and ocean states. The data preprocessing system and product generation system are the two major sub-systems of the Fengyun III B-star ground application system, and the core main line business system of the second phase project of the Fengyun III meteorological satellite ground application system. The construction and stable operation of these two systems , Laid a solid foundation for the Fengyun No. 3 meteorological satellite ground application system.

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