Evaluation: Fangtai range hood EH22QB + stove FC1G efficient kitchen affordable configuration

The rhythm of modern life is always so fast, but people's sense of happiness in life is diminishing. So, in the limited happiness, the appetite should always be worthy of yourself! Enjoying the easy, efficient and convenient cooking and cooking process, countless housewives are increasingly demanding on hoods and stoves. However, the dazzling array of products on the market have made our consumers picky. Today I will recommend a Fangtai hood and stove package for everyone-Fangtai range hood EH22QB + stove FC1G. The two-piece set is only about 4,000 yuan. Affordable configuration is not bad, let's take a look.

Fangtai range hood EH22QB + stove FC1G, madly robbed at 3890 yuan / set on December 19th at 8 o'clock two hours

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Evaluation location Evaluation time on this website 2013-10-23 Evaluation brand Fangtai kitchen appliances evaluation product EH22QB + FC1G Product specifications 895 * 520 * 566mm Reference price 4350.00 yuan / set of evaluation items

1. The first impression of the product

EH22QB——High-end T shape, pure steel material, natural color texture, tough and heavy texture, messy hairline process, thick body, easy to clean stainless steel, easier to clean. The inner cavity is stretched as a whole without dead corners, and it is easy to clean without oil stains. No rust, no oil marks, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance. Patented double-layer staggered clean net, full and complete oil filtration and smoke extraction, visible residual oil collection, the inner cavity is kept clean for a long time and is not easy to accumulate oil. There is no dead angle in the 360-degree full air intake of the air inlet, no noise reduction board is needed for the smoke exhaust channel, and double guarantees that the suction and exhaust are fast and smooth, and the oil smoke is not hoarded.

FC1G——The brand-new accumulative precision control burner, highly efficient and flammable, permanent blue fire. The one-piece brushed stainless steel panel is easy to clean. Fine control of firepower range 380w-3800w, firepower can be adjusted at will. The inner ring overflow hole design ensures that the panel is sealed without holes, and the overflowing soup flows directly onto the panel, and will not flow into the inside and cause hidden safety hazards. The multiple fuel gas guide settings are even and full of mixed oxygen, more efficient combustion and heating, stable and sufficient firepower; special multiple internal safety structure, comprehensive anti-backfire, to ensure safe use.

2. Product details

1. Fangtai range hood EH22QB

The stainless steel buttons are simple to operate, reliable and durable, and highlight the atmosphere.

Pure steel material, natural color texture, oil-milled brushed stainless steel craftsmanship, chaotic hairline process, texture is more delicate, high-end, and easier to clean.

It is seamlessly integrated in the smoke chamber, stretched as a whole, without dead corners, easy to clean, and does not hide oil. The smoke collection chamber is made of easy-to-clean stainless steel, which is free from oil stains, rust, and oil marks. It is easy to clean and resistant to high temperatures and scratches.

The natural steel material with black aluminum veneer is slightly elegant under the weight, and the classic reveals a fashionable atmosphere.

10W warm-color lamp lighting, soft and comfortable when cooking, creating a warm sense of cooking in the kitchen.

Transparent PA material snap-on oil cup, the amount of oil is clearly visible, easy to disassemble and clean.

The static arc design at the bottom of the fan adopts Coanda fluid mechanics principle to guide the oil fumes entering the fan, making the oil fumes enter more smoothly, and effectively reducing the turbulence noise.

High-efficiency and clean net, innovative design principle of tiles and shutters, double-layer row to thoroughly filter oil, and arc in the same direction to guide smoke smoothly. Therefore, the oil filtering capacity is 2.5 times that of ordinary oil nets, and 100% of oil droplets from inside are intercepted. The whole oil net is fixed by only one screw, which is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

The position of the air outlet on the top of the range hood is used to connect the smoke pipe.

2. Fangtai stove FC1G

FC1G comes from Fangtai's subsidiary, and adopts an integrally formed stainless steel brushed panel, which is very easy to clean. The simple straight line design can be said to be the representative of European and high-end home appliances this season.

The zinc alloy knob brings a new touch, and at the same time, it can ensure a long-lasting renewal.

Equipped with a new energy-gathering precision burner, which is highly efficient and flammable for a long time. Fine control of firepower range, 380w-3800w, firepower can be adjusted freely.

The Fangtai FC1G gas stove uses an inner ring overflow hole design to ensure that the overflowing soup flows directly into the panel without causing internal safety hazards.

Inside, this gas stove uses Fangtai's iconic safety umbrella plus double-needle precision ignition technology. The safety umbrella can effectively prevent the water and soup from splashing and damaging the ignition needle under high temperature. At the same time, the fire transmission distance is close to ensure Quick and precise ignition, high ignition success rate. With a 25.5 degree fire angle design, it solves the problem of full utilization of heat and exhaust emissions. Bring a better user experience.

Not only that, FC1G also has a cornice fire cover design, the fire holes are arranged at 60 degrees, the outer ring overflows the soup flow along the eaves to the panel, will not flow into the fire holes, and completely solve the problem of clogging the fire holes. The gas-electric separation cover completely separates the gas part from the circuit part, effectively avoiding the hidden dangers caused by gas and circuit.

In addition, this gas stove has more safety gas path safety systems, triple air tightness detection, copper gas pipe joints, copper nuts, copper gas pipes and other materials, which are not easy to be corroded and fully protect the safety of the gas circuit.

3. Evaluation summary

The Fangtai range hood EH22QB has a handsome and stylish appearance. The inner cavity is seamlessly formed, easy to clean, smooth suction and exhaust, no fume accumulation, double-layer net smooth filter the fume, it is worthy of the title of "price ratio king" in the range hood. The Fangtai gas stove FC1G has a stylish and atmospheric appearance, and the all stainless steel panel is easy to clean. The multiple gas guidance technology strengthens the mixing of oxygen and gas, the firepower is strong and the cooking is fast, the safety and environmental protection are not wasted, the internal multiple safety protection is set, and the use is safe and worry-free. The smoke machine and the cooker enjoy the industry's free quality guarantee for up to five years at the same time. It is an efficient and affordable mid-to-high-end kitchen configuration.

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