Developing the "Troika" in the shampoo bottle market

For shampoo bottle manufacturers, the expansion of these packaging orders for the well-known monopoly shampoo companies will be difficult unless they have a strong quality and price advantage. For small and medium shampoo bottle manufacturers, to obtain orders, they can only find new ways to achieve survival and development opportunities.

First of all, for many beauty salons, when they use shampoos, they often do not deliberately choose famous shampoo brands. On the other hand, they often buy shampoo bottles for self-filling. From the order point of view, a large part of orders for shampoo bottles come from the purchase of beauty salon chains.

Second, some small and medium-sized brand shampoo companies, these companies are targeted at the urban and rural areas and some underdeveloped areas, these areas do not have a high sense of identity for shampoo brands. Of course, many small and medium-sized shampoo companies are extremely fierce in this market. Therefore, they will do a lot of work on shampoo bottle packaging. On the one hand, some companies will imitate the shape of well-known shampoo bottles. On the other hand, some companies will design new shampoo bottles for their own sake in order to make breakthroughs.

Finally, the foreign trade market is also an important market sales point for shampoo bottle companies. It is also a good choice to obtain foreign orders through channels such as Guangzhou Meibo City and Online Chinese Packaging Bottle Net.

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